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New Profile Posts

  1. 69mann
    Can anyone tell me what are the part numbers for the power steering and alternater v belts needed for a 350 rocket swap with out ac?
  2. StrangeCut39
    Do It Big Keep it Strange (DIBKIS)
  3. Eroczhere
    Eroczhere Kelly
    I just had a 1979 regal bumper put on my 79 cutlass but had to change out fillers as well
  4. Eroczhere
    Can I see some 78-80 cutlass pics interior exterior Motor
  5. grandamninja
    grandamninja JBreu
    Hey Breu, where can I get the small chrome flaps you have on your car?
  6. NickC
    I want to put a floor shifter in my 79 Malibu what do y'all suggest
  7. NickC
    NickC jaywill
    Hey jaywill I've got your old Malibu and would like to talk to u a bout it I got it from a guy out of Charlotte North Carolina and it looks like it's been a little abused since u have had it
  8. Christines86Cutty
    Can't wait until summer.
  9. Rodney Pickering
    Rodney Pickering
    Located in Kentucky
  10. Andebe
    Itching to get my ride on the road. Got it in the shop fixing the stupid stuff. Shopping for fun stuff!!! 87 Caballero
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