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This group is for Aeroback / Slantback / Buttless owners on the Forum. 1978-80 Olds Cutlass Salon & Buick Century.

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This group thing seems a bit different in the way you do a post but I think I’m doing my own post here and not a reply to someone else’s...???

I now have 3 slant/Aeros just got my 3rd this weekend I’m up in BC Canada and only learnt of them existing last year when someone posted on in Alberta G bodies Facebook page. I instantly had to have it and luckily Dean from
(coldwarmotors YouTube channel) held it for me until winter was done after talking to me knowing I was the right guy for the car!! It was a 78 century custom 2 door 5.0 305 V8 body tag 000038 I’m assuming it’s early production has the regular rust a gbody (A series) would have. But I diddnt care I loved it. Then I recently found a 79 salon 4 door blue on blue 260 gas and the weekend after grabbed a local 79 salon brougham 4 door diesel 260 or 263 or whatever the 4.3 V8 diesel is, I’m having a hard time confirming all the specs. I do videos on my YouTube channel “Gbodyjames” of all my cars the century one is in progress still but the salon ones are on there. Here’s some pics.
Oh wait I don’t see attachment option.....
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