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This group is for Aeroback / Slantback / Buttless owners on the Forum. 1978-80 Olds Cutlass Salon & Buick Century.

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I have always liked the European yellow headlight look, something about it really makes a car pop, especially on a 4 bulb system.

I started looking for the 5x7 yellow bulbs, they are almost non existent, I found one company that sold something close if you wanted to fork out $200 each! So I purchased a special anodized yellow paint used two new GE -H6054 bulbs I had in stock, prepped, masked and painted, turned out FACTORY PERFECT! I don't drive this car and wouldn't at night anyway, so as far as being legal or not, not a concern, just love the look though!

I'm attaching a picture of the end result. Opinions welcome!


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