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This group is for Aeroback / Slantback / Buttless owners on the Forum. 1978-80 Olds Cutlass Salon & Buick Century.

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I really appreciate the invite, thank you!

In a world full of G's, a car one rarely sees-- the slant backs from GM, some see no value, some see Jem's,-- I like that they are different and funky, rarely seen at shows, a car that few when even new chose-- But for me the love and passion was one at first site, the only G body with the *ss that brings me such automotive delight :ROFLMAO: --for those who swear their value is free, then spend their lives trying to convince me,-- don't be joules of what you don't have in life, its not my fault your balls are in a purse kept by your wife.
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