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Does your G body have 4 doors AND a tailgate? Can you haul a canoe on your roof and your gear for a cross country road trip in the back? Do you wonder why people drive CUV's instead of the glory that is the wagon? If so, you are in the right place!

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Wgns-r-cool. i have a 1978 Pontiac Grand LeMans wagon. It has a rebuilt 305/turbo 350 combo. It runs pretty good although it has a 2.41 rear gear. I would like to upgrade the rear. could an f-body 8.5 rear be modified to work?
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dennis petrowsky
I appreciate the welcome. I am new to the computer world and dont yet have a scanner/printer. Idont know how to post pictures either. Im sure Ill learn. I do have a copy of GM gbody upgrades from S/A books. The reason I asked about the 8.5 fbody rear is I already have a 3.08 posi rear. The 7.5 rear in my wagon is a factory posi. I am not sure what ratios would work with that carrier. I am trying to get the mechanicals sorted and then focus on the body/paint. My wagon is a Safari model but the vinyl woodgrain is trashed. The 305 in it is bored 0.030 over with flat top pistons and #416 HO heads and an RV type cam. It should make a nice cruiser.
That's okay. We all can't be sophisticated computer nerds. I feel that if you already have a posi rear, adding a 3,08 gear will still be an improvement over the stock 2.41 gears. Being a cruiser and not a drag racer, you really don't need a rear to sustain high torque. Why waste the money if you don't have to. That's my opinion. Again, it all depends on how the car is used. I have a mild 355 SBC in my car, TH350 trans, and a GN 8.5 rear with 3.08 gears. The way I drive it, I don't beat on it, nor do I massive burnouts.
I'm more into longevity than putting my car thru undue punishment. It's also meant to be more of a cruiser than a racer.
Keep us up to date on your continued progress. As for the woodgrain, there is aftermarket woodgrain vinyl available. I would personally replace it once the car is painted.
What part of the country are you located?
dennis petrowsky
Longroof79 I live in Johstown Pennsylvania-about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh. How hard was it to find a GN rear? There are no Gbody cars in salvage yards up here.
We have several members in the Pittsburgh area. To be honest with you, I purchased the GN rear over 30 yrs ago. My friend actually found it in a local boneyard up in NY. He picked it up for me and brought it home in his big Buick Estate wagon. I guess you can say I lucked out. I changed out the 3.42 gears for 3.08's. I did this prior to taking a road trip out to the midwest. It helped tremendously.
Finding G-body cars in the junkyards these days are like looking for a needle in the haystack. Some parts of the country, they may be more prevalent. Down here, it's like forget it.
I purchased a 1985 Oldsmobile cutlass salon from a guy he is said it is a 442 the vin has the 8th number 9 but it has the chrome panels around the bottom it doesn’t have the original front or back hood was the chrome panel a option or he was trying to clone it to be a 442


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Hi Ray!!

Welcome and nice ride! You might get better activity on your post if you posted it under "general discussion" ...the long roof elitist are for wagons only.

It looks to be someone trying to clone a 442 perhaps. I personally never seen a 442 with the chrome on the bottom, NOT SAYING its not possible by any means, GM did some wacky things in the past and consistency was not one of GM's priorities or strong points for that matter lol...Ill post a link to help you navigate to the "general Discussion area" . Again, WELCOME to the G body Family!!

Kinda forgot about these groups!
I have an 1983 Malibu Wagon. I finally fixed the rear gate and window. They open and i installed new shocks to hold up the window, originals from (Rock Auto ) cheep. I am in the process of replacing the window sweeps inside and out. Not as easy as I would like the rears are a little tricky... Read more…
I figured I'd put this out there to the wagon community. My friend who is working diligently on a Cutlass Cruiser wagon is trying to locate a pair of rear bumper fillers and the rubberized gaskets for the roof rack runners. His car is nearing the paint stage. If anyone knows of or comes across... Read more…
Hello all, Newbie here. just acquired an 83 Booneville wagon. It has 14 " wheels on it with wire wheel hubcaps. Anyone know what factory Pontiac mag wheel types will bolt on? Many thanks
As long as the bolt pattern is 5 x 4 3/4 there shouldn't be a problem with a factory mag.
njtileguy also you can post this in the general forum and get more responses

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