Cutlass 6.0 LS 76mm Precision Turbo 275 Huge Burnout !!

9psi, 1-3rd gear Burnout. I let out because it began slowly going sideways. The Nitto drag radials were replaced with Mickey Thompson ET Street R’s the day a...
I have to ask - 9psi? Why only 9?
Goal for now is to make the car as quick as I can under 10psi and shifting at a low rpm.
A lot of suspension tuning at the track will help this. I could throw more at it but, if I can make the car quick and fast without breaking a sweat, it’ll live longer.

My turbo is good for 25+ lbs but the motor won’t handle that much.

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1988 Cutlass LS 6.0 L96 76mm Precision Turbo
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