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Feb 17, 2018 at 7:42 AM
May 30, 2016
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Auto Mechanic

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Greasemonkey, Male, from NY

abadwillys was last seen:
Feb 17, 2018 at 7:42 AM
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    Auto Mechanic
    Professional Mechanic- 37 years and still at it
    20 of those years I owned and operated a Gas Station and a Auto Repair Shop
    Now I am a World Class Tech at a Premier Chevy-Caddy Dealer
    Prior to My Opening My Shop, I was a Tech at a Chevy-Buick-Pontiac Dealer
    I started wrenching for a Living in 1980- A/G Bodies were Practically new!
    I worked on Grand Nationals when they were new!

    Semi-Pro Drag Racer, I say semi pro because i have won some races and received some $$ including from the NHRA, most recently in 2015
    But i do it for fun..not the Money, trust me ive spent way more than I won
    I have been Drag Racing since 1990
    I Have Built and Raced 3 of my own Cars in that Period
    A Vega, Small Block/Nitrous best ET 9.06@151
    A 81 Malibu Big Block/Nitrous Best ET 9.30@149
    The Car i still own and currently Race is a
    1941 Willys Coupe Big Block/Blown Best ET 7.63@179
    I also have built as well as driven various cars for other people

    I live in beautiful Upstate NY- just built myself a 40'x60' shop
    I have 2 kids, son and a daughter 30 yrs and 27yrs, both out on their own

    Ive owned my 1978 Malibu wagon since 1989, I put a big block in it way back then, currently it is undergoing some changes, as its always been my bastard child, because Drag Racing(along with raising a family) took any spare money i had, now i have a little disposable income to play with, so i have a renewed interest in it and im spending like a drunken sailor!


    '78 Malibu Wagon, A Never ending work in Progress ..Pump Gas 540" BBC, with a 4L80-e, and a 12 Bolt