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Apr 28, 2017 at 12:38 PM
Mar 31, 2006
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Kitchener, Ontario

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Rocket Powered Basset Hound, Male, from Kitchener, Ontario

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Viewing thread 87 Monte=what is this?, Apr 28, 2017 at 12:38 PM
    1. Jay Clement
      Jay Clement
      Jay Clement Hey everyone I'm stumped I found a upgradable brake kit to convert rear drums to disc but idk if I needs new master cylinder & boosters? I have a 1978 Malibu Classic it came w the 3.8 V6. I had a 300+hp 4.3L V6 built so I wanna upgrade the brakes. Thanks in advance
      1. Mike buttafuoco
        Mike buttafuoco
        Hello. I was reading and posting in a hurry so I posted an incorrect response. This may help: ypu have to match the size of the bore in your master cylinder to what you are using whether it be disc/drum or disc/disc. Typically, you need a 1" bore for a disc/disc and 1-1/8" for disc drum. Being that the vehicle came disc/drum then yes you will need to change the master. I would call ssbc or willwood
        Sep 27, 2016
      2. Mike buttafuoco
        Mike buttafuoco
        The booster won't really matter but be sure the stroke is right. That's why mixing and matching parts can be tricky. If you were using 99' and up s10, grab everything from upick yard and install everything. Hope that helps.
        Sep 27, 2016
    2. Ziggy
      I cant seem to find anyone who makes full quarter panels for my 86 regal. Can you or anyone you know send me in the right direction?
      Any help would be much appreciated. I just joined this forum. Ive never joined a forum before. It looks to be pretty cool.
      1. pontiacgp
        Hi, I'm not sure who has them. Post it in the General section
        Jun 17, 2016
    3. 87cutty
      Ok i think i wasnt specific enough. A total brake kit. Calipers, mounts, lines, pads, and rotors. The whole thing not just rotors and pads.
    4. 1984cutty
      Car dies when I disconnect neg battery cable . 1984 V6 3.8L NEW: cap rotor spark plug &wires alternator&connector (pigtail) battery
    5. Bill C.
      Bill C.
      Anyone know where speed signal wire is on a 79 glemans? Trying to hook up an after market speedo and the white wire has to go to the speed sensor wire.
    6. bobby whitmire
      bobby whitmire
      I need some help. I have an 86 cutlass with a 80 model 350 that I have built and a turbo 350 trans. My crossmember is about 6 inches behind my transmission mount. I've tried everything. So I built a steel plate with two holes for the diffrence. And now from over time it's bending. Any help?
    7. mjmunry77
      Thanks, i will try that. My glovebox, two courtesy under the dash, instrument panel, and ashtray lights all work. I'll check it out.
    8. bishop gp
    9. bishop gp
      bishop gp
      What do you know about s10 brakes?
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      2. bishop gp
        bishop gp
        Thank you i was just being impatient im a little stressed from driving almost ten miles with a seized caliper in the rain
        Apr 3, 2015
      3. pontiacgp
        next time just sit back, take a breath and think. You could have looked up the brake calipers just as easy as I did. :)
        Apr 3, 2015
      4. bishop gp
        bishop gp
        My cell phone is probably much weaker than your pc
        Apr 3, 2015
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