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  1. Northernregal

    1982 Monte E85 Blow Thru Procharged SBC Build *PICS and VIDS ADDED***RUNNING***

    Is the next owner going to be on the forum to take the position on the fastest car thread?
  2. Northernregal

    Funny Car Related meme's

    Recruitment numbers dropping at the same time banks are collapsing? Coincidence?!?
  3. Northernregal

    What did you do at work today?

    Looking at this prison every day. Tonight will be night 24 of 26 on the Trans Mountain Pipeline install doing some environmental consulting.
  4. Northernregal

    1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan LS Turbo Build

    Improves air temp bigly.
  5. Northernregal

    Funny Car Related meme's

    Well, you can't throw hate for honesty....
  6. Northernregal

    Funny Car Related meme's

  7. Northernregal

    Funny Car Related meme's

    Right there, giving back rubs. Should be rolling in here any minute now to distribute some worn out Chevy and LS swap memes.
  8. Northernregal

    RACING Fastest Drag race Forum cars!

    Can you take a clearer pic of the time slip? I can't seem to read it.
  9. Northernregal

    RACING Fastest Drag race Forum cars!

    Best times are best times. I don't think the run matters? It did what it did.
  10. Northernregal

    LS Intake to hood clearance

    Truck intake is about 8" tall. With proper mounts, anything lower than that will fit. Plenty of pics on the Google of what height each intake is.
  11. Northernregal

    Best factory LS accessories for Gbody

    LSA are the best. With the blower of course.
  12. Northernregal

    MONTE CARLO "COPO" Monte Carlo SS - Turbosaurus Build (Swinging Dick Racing's c*ck got bent... she bounced a little too high & hard, & came down awkwardly)

    If someone starts 3 threads asking beginner questions about LS swaps, rumor is motorheadmike appears to scold them for not using the search function first.
  13. Northernregal

    BUILD THREAD “The Juggernaut”

    Better deals than the Red Deer swap meet. Pretty much retail here. Good score!

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