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    Factory SS Tan Interior?

    I have a white 85 and a black 85 both have the maroon interior. Im keeping the white one forever so Im doing the interior in black. I have leather front seats out of a cobalt that I really like and reupholstered the rear one in black vinyl and they match real good. Nice looking car by the way...
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    Gas and Power 1985 Grand Prix 3.8 V6

    Depends on if you want top end speed or quick out of the hole speed. If out of the hole speed is what your after then I would suggest changing gears in the rearend.
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    Need engine swap advice -1986 Monte Carlo Ls

    I looked on in your area, (PA) and there are several used ones to choose from around $300 to $400 for the 4.3 which would get you going as a DD sooner than later.
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    Need engine swap advice -1986 Monte Carlo Ls

    If you are looking for a daily driver, I would get a rebuilt 4.3 and go back with that. It will cost a lot less than changing over to a 350 and would be dependable.
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    Drive shaft question

    We move out engines back on our dirt cars so that would mean the driveshaft has to be shorter. My 85 Monte Carlo SS has both mounting locations. It came with the th200r4 but I had a th350 so that's what I put in it.
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    GSI Interiorss, rear seat covers are great.

    Very good, has foam backing and sewn real good. Has piping sewn into it all the way around so you can get a good grip with the hog rings.
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    SS owner from NOLA restoration project

    Welcome from Arkansas, not too far from me, fellow 85 ss owner.
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    GSI Interiorss, rear seat covers are great.

    I just ordered a set of rear seat covers in black vinyl for my 85 SS, Got them in and put them on the rear seats and they were fantastic. The fit was good just had to pull them tight but wasn't a real problem. I am putting in leather front seats out of a Cobalt 2 door and these will match them...
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    Opinions on Parts Store Crankshafts?

    To answer you're original question, I have used the crank kits from O'rieleys in several motors, even a race motor or two and have had good luck. The company that they use is Crankshaft specialies, or rebuilders they go by both names, and they do a lot of crankshafts. I always check the...
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    Steering Column Difference

    I think you can buy just the coller that is without the place for the shifter and replace just it and you can keep your original column.
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    1996 Chevy vortec in a 1985 cutlass power steering pump pulley hitting

    I used the set up off of a 2000 4.3 v6 s10, Got all the brackets pulleys power steering pump ac comp, tensioner, bolts, and belt for $40.00 off a truck they were parting out on craigslist. I bought a new water pump for a 89 iroc z, and water pump pulley from chevy for around $20 for the iroc. It...
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    Exploding tire of Doom

    Put the best 2 of one set on one side and the best 2 of the other set on the other side. LOL It sounds funny but I have done it and most people will not notice.
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    7.5 rear suggestions

    The axle has 2 1/2 inches of thick bearing surface on the outside of the axle. We have done this on some of our dirt cars with no problems. It may even be that the 28 spline axle goes into the carrier a little farther so it will may ride it the correct location. As I said before Im going to do...
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    7.5 rear suggestions

    I am doing this just as an experiment on a low cost rear option. My 26 spline carrier only turns one wheel. I was told when I bought the car it was a posi. I havent pulled the cover to see whats going on with it. I have a extra 7.5 complete rear end that im going to do the set up in. I dont want...
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    7.5 rear suggestions

    The reason I would go with a set of stock axles that were just a lil longer is $$$$$ I am on a budget and just dont have it to spend on my toy. I can get s10 axles at our local yards for cheep and a carrier also cheep. Putting it all together myself for around $100.00. This is a cruiser not a...
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    Score of The Week: Carter AVS 4 Barrel

    I tried one on a dirt car of mine once and it was not as desirable as a Q-jet, being the Qjet out performed it by a long shot.
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    7.5 rear suggestions

    From what ive read and researched the 4x4 ones are 1/2 longer, so I dont know how this would effect if you have drum brakes, If you were running disc then it wouldnt be a problem just have to move the caliper bracket. The 2 wheel drive ones are 2" too short so I dont think they will work at all...
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    Looking for parts

    1981-1987 GRAND PRIX ONLY
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    7.5 rear suggestions

    So are you telling me that I could use s10 axles with a 28 spline carrieer out of a later F body rear end?
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    Tranny & rear end upgrade

    I bet those are hard to find also? Is that the 8.5 g body rear end only or will the earlier camaros work also?

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