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  1. OldsCutlass

    BUILD THREAD 79 Olds Cutlass

    I bought this car 25 years ago and am working on my second rebuild. This year (79) is the year I started driving and the car was made in Lansing and I was made in Lansing so there is the connection and interest. The first rebuild was a 350/350 rebuild. I did not have a lot of extra cash so it...
  2. OldsCutlass

    Power steering washers/spacers

    I am missing spacers/washers to mount my power sterling bracket. Does anyone have these laying around? Stud timer pointer front cover and back bracket side of block.
  3. OldsCutlass

    BUILD THREAD 1979 Cutlass

    1969 Toro 455 30 over 425hp 503 ft tq professionally built and balanced. Ford Currie 9" Plus 350 gears Wilwood disc brakes Spohn tubular front and rear end suspension Wilwood front disc brakes Mid West Muncie M22 800 hp rating Quick ratio gear box New floor pan Polyurethane body bushings T Tops...
  4. OldsCutlass

    Electric cooling fans

    I am building a 79 Cutlass with an Olds 69 Toro 455 running 432hp/503 ft lbs and a 4 speed Muncie.k I would like to run an electric cooling fan. Anyone make this conversion? I would like feed back on what to use for radiator and fans. I plan on adding the AC back in at a later date. Cost is...
  5. OldsCutlass

    New member old man

    I am building a 79 Cutlass. I bought this car 25 years ago and I restored it once when I first got it. Olds 350/350. I am putting a 69 Toro 455 with a Muncie M22 and Ford 9" rear behind it. The car has Spohn Suspension, Wildwood disc brakes, quick turning steering gear box, all new front...

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