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  1. OldsCutlass

    Knowledge needed asap

    Can your belt tension pulley being going bad or the bearings in the alternator?
  2. OldsCutlass

    FOR SALE 83 cutlass parts

    I have a 79 with t tops but would like a spare set. Would you take $100 and ship them to me. I will pay frieght. I could send you a check or money order.
  3. OldsCutlass

    FOR SALE 83 cutlass parts

    Can you get a few more picks of the tops in different directions. I would like to see both sides and seperate.
  4. OldsCutlass

    BUILD THREAD 79 Olds Cutlass

    I bought this car 25 years ago and am working on my second rebuild. This year (79) is the year I started driving and the car was made in Lansing and I was made in Lansing so there is the connection and interest. The first rebuild was a 350/350 rebuild. I did not have a lot of extra cash so it...
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  10. OldsCutlass

    Parting out 80 Grand Prix and other G-Body parts

    Do you have the rear molding for the hood? I have a 79 Cutlass and need a decent one.
  11. OldsCutlass

    Full floor pans, fit in through the top side?

    Welded then adhesive.
  12. OldsCutlass


    I got my floor pan from I bought the one piece 442 pan wth all the brackets. It fit well with a little triming. Had to take a door off to get it in. I have t-tops also. Nice quality pan.
  13. OldsCutlass

    Power steering washers/spacers

    Thank Joe. You are a super star in my book!
  14. OldsCutlass


    Welcome To the forum. I see you have the Cutlass disease in the rear. I am rebuilding a 79 and had to do a lot of body and frame work. I ended up putting a new floor pan and welding in new rear frame pieces. I lucked out and found a Florida car and cut off the frame behind the wheels and made...
  15. OldsCutlass

    1982 buick regal (new toy)

    Good luck on your project!
  16. OldsCutlass

    Power steering washers/spacers

    You are correct. Thank you very much Joe.
  17. OldsCutlass

    Power steering washers/spacers

    Thanks for the info. LoOKs like I have no other options.
  18. OldsCutlass

    Power steering washers/spacers

    My problem is I do not know the thickness of the spacer/washers. I took it apart over a year ago and now can't find them. Do you know the thickness of these two? 1/4" 1/2"...

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