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  1. JRS81

    A+++ 85SS/85GN

    Awesome seller excellent description of parts and the packing was top notch . Thank you. Hope to deal with again.
  2. JRS81

    Blazer Brake Upgrade

    Hi I would be interested in a set next time you get one zip is 20855 Thanks
  3. JRS81

    Potential Parts Cars

    Would love some of the interior parts out of those wagons .
  4. JRS81

    GBOTM Congrats Longroof79!! - July '18

    Congratulations that is a beautiful car!
  5. JRS81

    GBOTM Congrats superbon54! - June '18

    Nice looking car. Congrats
  6. JRS81

    my 1980 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon introduction

    Very nice wagon.Glad to see another wagon owner.
  7. JRS81

    Vent window difference

    Hi would anyone have the part number for a power vent window for a wagon and the part number for the motor assembly. I hope this is ok to ask in this section. Thank You.
  8. JRS81

    FOR SALE This and That II

    How are you? I will take the rear wagon cargo light.
  9. JRS81

    New wagon guy

    Love the wagon look great.
  10. JRS81

    Hello everyone new to the forum

    Thanks for the warm welcome. The pictures make it look allot better than it is. I rarely ever see them in this area and I wanted an 81. The body is fairly solid floors need work in the front. The frame is good and solid , had it on a lift before I bought it. The interior is pretty complete but...
  11. JRS81

    Hello everyone new to the forum

    Thanks now to find parts!
  12. JRS81

    Hello everyone new to the forum

    Just wanted to say hello. I have been lurking around for the last month or so and have got some great information and would like to say thank you. I just purchased an 81 Cutlass Cruiser that I look forward to working on. It needs allot of help. It brings me back to my high school days as it was...
  13. JRS81

    What's this clock worth

    Hi how are you ? I'm new to the forum and was searching the forum on info about adding a clock to a Cutlass and came across your post. I would be interested in your clock if you find that it works. What would you want for it? Thanks

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