1. CrammerGram69

    PONTIAC '78 Grand LeMans PARTING! *Updated*

    This is a 78 Grand LeMans with a Landau top, Factory white interior with factory buckets and console 1978 only tilt column, A/C car (missing Comp w/lines) only have brackets, SBC 305 with i assume th350. The Landau trim (pending) will go to the highest cash offer. I have looked already& they are...
  2. CuttassG

    1978 cutlass supreme brougham motor swap

    Hello folks how’s it going, I just got a deal on a 78 cutlass supreme brougham the engine has a rod knock I was hoping to get some info on rather to rebuild the v8 4.3L 260 motor or swap it out with maybe a Chevy 350 block OR WHAT OTHER MOTORS ARE CAPABLE FOR THE JOB if so what all would I need...
  3. 78_Monte970

    New Gbody

    Hey guys, My names Ethan and I’m from Colorado. Today I picked up my first Gbody, a 78 Monte Carlo, 305/th350 was a factory red/red and someone did a very thick paint job that I’ll take off eventually.
  4. A

    CUTLASS 1980 olds parts

    Interior, glass, trim, 14 inch olds rally rims, hood, fuel tank, 455 olds blocks, sbc block, front lights, Tbi system, four barrel carbs, lots of nice chrome, other miscellaneous. Let me know what you’re looking for. G-body, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988
  5. 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

    1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Grand new looks. Grand new luxury. Grand new Prix.
  6. 1978 Pontiac Grand Am

    1978 Pontiac Grand Am

    "We Brought it Back Alive"
  7. S

    Another F-41 question on my 78 monte carlo...

    Hey guys, got another question on the springs on my 78 monte carlo. With the rear springs, which end is the top? The end with the more tightly compressed springs on the less looking compressed springs? I didn't pay attention when I pulled them out and now I cant remember. On the front springs...
  8. S

    78 Monte Carlo F-41 suspension question.....

    Hi everyone!! Just made this account. So nice to see that there is so many other people out there with the passion to rebuild these cars. Let me give you all some background about what we have going on. So my dad and I have been buying, selling, rebuilding corvettes for what seems like a...
  9. Carlos Garcia

    BUILD THREAD Project El Camino aka "B Daddy 78"

    So I'm fixing a 1978 el camino and one of the first things that I want to do is change those drum brakes to disc. Any one has any pointerson which is the best way to go? I'm thinking on getting a set of camaro brakes from a local junk yard to do the swap. I'm currently redoing the body. Here are...
  10. Jonathan Flores

    New user 1978 Malibu

    Just bought a 1978 Chevy Malibu 2nd owner 80k miles , open too any advice thank you !
  11. The_Full

    Monte Carlo Nose swap

    I was thinking about swapping the nose from my 78 Monte with the nose from an 80 Monte. Has anyone done this before? What all needs to be changed? Would my current hood, fenders and doors be good to go with this mod or would they have to be changed as well?
  12. smokybob

    BUILD THREAD 78 Monte Carlo "Infidel"

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and this will be my second build. My first was a 63 Impala that i didn't get to finish. Had to sell it when the housing bubble blew up in 08. Im a disabled vet with PTSD, working on cars is therapeutic for me. I hope that explains why i chose this car. It needs...
  13. Christian Bivens

    New to Forum, Introducing my 1978 Cutlass Calais Barn find

    I'm posting this to hopefully get any information on my Cutlass as far as collect-ability and value. Here's what you I can tell you about it I found this car 3 years ago abandoned in an open barn in the middle of the woods just miles from my house. I ran the property tax and found the property...
  14. S

    Green 1978 Grand Prix

    I recently took possession of my late grandmother'so 1978 Grand Prix LJ. The inside is mint. I don't think the passenger or rear seats were ever used before I got it. It's all green including the interior. I looked into selling it but found it is not really worth enough for me to let it go...

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