1. 1

    1986 Monte Carlo LS $7000 - Los Angeles, CA

    Daily Driver Black w. blue velour interior manual windows and seats 152k miles Just had the top end of the 305 rebuilt resprayed black 1 yr ago 22" black and silver I-Rocs just smogged and registered through 2/20
  2. 1986 Pontiac RWD Brochure Cover(?)

    1986 Pontiac RWD Brochure Cover(?)

  3. Not Your Typical Sunday Drivers

    Not Your Typical Sunday Drivers

    going to guess 1986?
  4. RastaRocket86

    CUTLASS Need help iso driver side Power window regulator for my cutlass

    Need help finding a window regulator for my car
  5. tremayne0126

    NEW USER 1987 Monte Carlo SS T-Top NEED HELP

    Finally bought the car of my dreams even though i owned a 2012 Camaro, The nostalgia alone tops that car. car seems 100% perfect except The T-top Roof Header Panel is completely rusted out I brought this part brand new but all body shops are saying the rust is under that also and...
  6. A

    Engine mount advice 1986 monte carlo LS

    So I've went ahead and bought my brand new performance chevy 350 from GM Performance, http://www.gmperformancemotor.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=GMP&Product_Code=19355658&yotpo_token=c37b8fbff594b255a350f5cd29b012e497145406&utm_source=yotpo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=map and...
  7. Miles

    Printed Circuit Board (Cutlass Supreme)

    Does anyone know where I can get a printed circuit board for my 1986 Cutlass Supreme? The one I currently have is corroded in some areas.
  8. Christines86Cutty

    New to this..

    I have a 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham, with the 307 5.0 V8 and 4bbl rochester quadrajet carb. I just replaced the cylinder heads and gaskets. It has some issues, but it's mine so I'm trying to figure it out a little at a time. Hopefully I can find some ideas here. I need the air...
  9. Odmckee

    86 regal v8 build

    Ill Keep it short and simple. the car was brought up from N.C. in 2014 when I bought it for $1500 off a guy I was working for at the time.It is a 1986 buick regal with the original 307 olds v8and transmission.it belonged to a old couple that bought it new and put about 90k on the odometer. It...
  10. Tim benigno

    now the frigging started went.

  11. Alex Benigno

    Squeaking Noise From Dash?? 86 Monte FIX?

    Since the new motor, dash or windshield has been making a squeaking noise. Usually a bump triggers the noise. Any suggestions on what exactly it is? where its coming from? or how to fix? thanks
  12. Tim benigno

    dont forget about the tunes!!

  13. Tim benigno

    interior shots

  14. Tim benigno

    86 monte carlo ss for my son's 17th bday.

  15. E

    1986 monte carlo ls 00-07 vortec swap clearance

    Hi i have a 1986 monte carlo ls with a stock v6 and i had wanted to put either a 5.3 or 6.0 vortec off a chevy truck or a escalade and was wondering if the vortec's intake manifold clear the luxury sport stock hood

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