1. Freddyflores559

    MONTE CARLO Park to drive not shifting correctly

    1988 Monte Carlo ss Ok so idk if this been asked before but here’s my problem. From park to drive ,or reverse to drive it stalls to kick in to gear . It will take anywhere from 30 seconds to Minute to kick into gear. Since I’ve had the car I’ve would step on the brake and give it gas till...
  2. 80elky

    200r4 swap

    I just wanted to make sure about this. I have a 1980 el camino with a th350, would I just be able to swap in a 200r4 without changing the crossmember or anything? thanks
  3. LukeZ

    200R4 switch controlled torque converter lockup

    Hey all, Is it possible to control the torque converter lockup on a 200R4 via a switch? Is there a fuse in the fuse box for the lockup - if not, where could I find the wire? I'm pretty sure it's electronically controlled - right? Long story short, my car just about stalls out in 4th gear when...
  4. A

    Engine mount advice 1986 monte carlo LS

    So I've went ahead and bought my brand new performance chevy 350 from GM Performance, http://www.gmperformancemotor.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=GMP&Product_Code=19355658&yotpo_token=c37b8fbff594b255a350f5cd29b012e497145406&utm_source=yotpo&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=map and...
  5. L

    200r4 low/rev clutch removal tool

    It kills me slowly to ask for more help but after watching 4 guides, buying 2 books and over $200 in tools that would be better off used as a coat hanger, im almost at my limit. Ive seen this black cylinder like tool which goes over the center shaft and had a red handle on the end which grabs...
  6. oldmansmonte

    So what does this thing do in the 200r4?

    So I pulled my pan in my 200r4 so I could start fixing the problems noted here: https://gbodyforum.com/threads/had-my-rear-end-rebuilt-now-its-exposed-transmission-problems.63268/ And when I pulled the pan I heard '" tink, tink". Never a good sign since I had all of the pan bolts accounted for...
  7. B

    200R4 lockup question

    I have a 1987 Monte LS. It was a 305 4bbl car with a 200r4 trans. About 10 years (and only 5000 miles) ago I swapped the 305 out for a 355 and went off the computer and emissions stuff (Edelbrock intake, cam 1406 carb) and went with a TH350 trans. I recently got a 3:73 posi unit out of a MCSS...
  8. K

    200r4 manual shift shaft removal

    Looking for tips on how to remove the manual shift shaft inside a 200r4. I am assuming this nail-looking pin in the case might have to come out? Please advise.

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