1. fluffythree

    HELP - Rear intake coolant hose fitting

    i thought a hose was leaking but i knew once a part of the intake came with the hose it was something else. The fitting pretty much crumbled when i sneezed on it. I am stunned. Has anyone ran into this problem before? This car has been a daily driver and hope i can find a sort of-timely way to...
  2. Mark B

    Temperature sensor wiring connector

    I'm looking for the l wiring pigtail connector for the Temperature Sensor on the Thermostat housing on a 1984 Monte Carlo SS 305 4Bbl
  3. E

    Rapid Clicking from Carb During Idle

    Hi everyone, First thread here happy to be apart of the community! First question, I had a bunch of ruined wires coming from my wiring harness that I re-spliced and reconnected (my gauge fuse kept blowing out due to a short). After I did that and fired up my engine, a bunch of blue smoke...
  4. E

    AC troubleshoot R134-A

    81 El camino with updated ( within the last couple years) R134-a system. Stopped working at the end of last summer of 2019. Just getting around to trying to trouble shoot it and I'm coming across a few problems and not sure where to start in order to trouble shoot. First thing is the AC...
  5. 4

    EL CAMINO 350/290 swap from 305

    Hey everyone. Cam finally went flat in my original 305. I’ve been looking into the most amount of power I can get with still passing California smog. Looks like that fresh Chevrolet crate 350/290 is the way to go for me, it’s a daily driver but I take it to shows too. They come with a 222 cam...
  6. I

    CA Smog Test/Replace Electronic Quadrajet

    Hello folks: I am working on a 1984 el Camino/305 c.i. The vehicle has an electronic quadrajet which I would like to get rid of and upgrade the carb to a high performance carb like a #1906 Edelbrock AVS2 or something like that - nothing radical. My concerns are: If I replace the...
  7. 84ELCaminoLex

    Emission Decal EL Camino

    Wondering if anyone on this site can help me with information on gathering all the smog hoses and decals for passing California Smog. There are several decals, and i need to buy the correct one. This is where i am starting. I also put in a new 305ci motor, and i need to buy all the hoses, ect...
  8. C

    MONTE CARLO V-Belt Accessory Brackets (pictures)

    Been searching for a while about the various brackets for the accessories on the 305. I recently got a 1984 Monte Carlo SS with the engine striped down to the intake manifold with the smog pump deleted and a/c missing. All I'm asking for right now would maybe be a pictures of the brackets that...
  9. D

    305 SS Monte Carlo

    Getting ready to pick up an 88 MC this weekend and at first I was Ted to swap the engine for an 350, but after several talks with friends and family I’ll just juice up the 305 until later down the line. Now my concern is what all parts I would need to get a good amount of hp out of her. I saw a...
  10. smurph_82

    Cross Country Roadtrip Advice

    So i bought my cutlass last summer here in Ontario. Its completely stock and untouched. Its solid, and in pretty good shape. The people parked it because he thinks he rolled the cam in the stock 305 with only 91,000 original kms. Well now currently i am planning on moving to the west coast and...
  11. Phillip

    I've got fuel and spark... why won't she start?

    Hi All! I'm afraid I'm one of many to make my first post a cry for help. I'm at the end of my rope with our 84' Caprice Estate 305. The short story is, I rebuilt the Rochester Quadrajet meticulously, assuring everything was done right, and now she won't run. The car ran before the rebuild, but...
  12. M

    '79 Malibu giving me headaches

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum so first off thanks for having me! I'm having a few problems with my Malibu that I picked up in February. I've done a few mods since then. I've put on headers, mufflers, 650 summit carb and intake. With all this effort I still have some underlying problems. 1. I...
  13. TheLemange

    The Lemange

    Yesterday was awesome! I Drug home my 1980 Pontiac lemans that I dubbed The Lemange. It was quite the experience. It was the first time I've hauled a car on a trailer, the first time using our car trailer, and I don't have a key for the car so we couldn't turn the wheels. It was an adventure...
  14. TheLemange

    new to forum.

    Hello everyone. I will start with a little about myself. My name is Ryan I am a parts advisor for a VW dealership. I have always been into cars and trucks, but being as I grew up in the fast and furious era it was mostly imports. and really mostly bagged mini trucks. I have always wanted a v8...
  15. 8

    Coolant in cylinders

    So I pulled the heads off my 305 and there is rusty water/coolant in cylinders 1, 3, 5, 7, and 8. The gaskets look fine so it doesn't seem like it would have leaked throught the gaskets. What would cause this? Also when I took spark plug number 5 and 7 out a decent amount of water dumed out. Any...
  16. 8

    700r4 or 350 turbo?

    I'm new here, but have a question about my monte carlo project. I'm buying a 1985 305 high output with a 700r4. I also already have a turbo 350 with a shift kit. The car has 3.73 gears. I plan to do 4 barrel intake, carb, cam, headers, double roller timing chain or noisy timing gears, and maybe...
  17. LukeZ

    Mild 305 cam

    Couldn't find what I wanted after a search. Let me also say that I am not a cam expert. I am looking to upgrade the cam and lifters in my LG4 305. On a Camaro forum, I found these specs for the LG4 cam: .350 lift intake .385 lift exhaust 178* dur @.050 intake 194* dur @.050 exhaust 109* LSA I...
  18. R

    Photo Help, Please?

    I'm brand new to the forum, and I came here looking for help. I'm 43 and my dad is 67, and we dusted off my grandfather's '79 Cutlass and decided to make a project out of it. The original 305 sat for so long that we had to replace it, so here we are with a new crate motor bolted in, complete...
  19. B

    Wiring problems!

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, also new to car ownership in general. I have an 1984 Monte Carlo, it had the 3.8, we thought it was blown therefore we put a 305 with a 350th in it. It did take a while to get in after numerous motor mount problems, then cross member problems but it finally got in. My...
  20. RegMan79

    Edelbrock intake 2101. Carb?

    I recently got a used 2101 performer eddy intake. Was thinking of getting a eddy 1405 carb to use with it. After reading about these QuadJets, I'm thinking I might just keep it for now. What would you guys suggest? There's a lot of mixed feelings about both of these. Car is currently stock and a...

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