350 engine

  1. EML78


    I got a 350 I want to get reuild/add performance parts, how much would it roughly cost? Any info helps
  2. J

    Fair affordable Gbody/classic car mechanic in the DFW area???

    Hi I have a 81 Monte Carlo SS in the Fort Worth area. I was wondering does anyone know a good mechanic to do some engine/restoration work on the vehicle for me?
  3. James Hannigan

    85 Monte SS

    Hello all names James, and Im new to the GBody world and v8 muscle cars in general. Always wanted an SS growing up, and recently had the chance to pick up an 85 Monte SS for a pretty good price. That good price comes with a lot of head scratching and issues. The car.. the previous owner knew...
  4. EML78

    78’ Regal stalling out

    I’m having an issue with my regal (350 sbc) it slowly starts to idle rough, I’ll also have to keep tapping on the gas pedal so it won’t shut off. What can be the problem?
  5. D

    What motor should I go with?

    So I am still searching for a G body SS Monte Carlo but I am having trouble trying to decide what motor should I go about putting in it as well as trans. My original idea was to just get a 350 and swap the heads and can so I can still have a decent amount of power, because I highly doubt that...
  6. B

    Switching to Single Plane Intake

    I have a 350 in my 85 SS Monte, I have a dual plane on it with a one inch spacer on top. Was just wondering if an actual open plenum would give me any gains. Also, would i need to swap anything else to make it run right? I've heard about more stall, but I'm not to sure. Reason I'm asking is that...
  7. Boy1duh

    Old school engines vs ls swap debate!!

    I'm just so confused I had my mind set on a ls swap had the engine and trans within a stone throw but got cold feet cause I'm so traditional I'm looking for healthy debate to help me make a decision on old school or ls I've done research and torn I'm not racing looking to make a daily driver I...

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