4 door

  1. DoctorSwain

    My Cutlass Engine Swap

    I posted here last year and got a great response so here is an update on the cutlass: Last summer I pulled the old 3.8L v6 from my 1983 cutlass supreme brougham edition. After I pulled the engine I realized it had a hole blown in the engine block so I took off all the parts that I could reuse...
  2. 81MalibuMan

    Rear door panel removal in an 81' Malibu

    The other day something broke inside my rear driver side door so I'm unable to unlock the door and keep it shut. So far I got all 3 screws that are visible on the inside of the door. Not sure where to go from here to take a look behind the panel.
  3. GroceryGetter83

    1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan LS Turbo Build

    As I posted in my intro thread, I recently bought this 1983 Olds Cutlass Supreme 4 door. 75k miles, 231 c.i. V6 GM power plant, 3 speed automatic. Current motor has rod knock and will be coming out soon. Plan: 5.3L LS truck motor, keep AC (100% needed in FL), turbo + goodies Goal: 500 whp...
  4. 84cutlass4dr

    Newbie to the forum. Lol

    Hey everyone, how's it going? Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm new to this site, well officially anyway. I've read many articles on here as a nonmember, but decided I should become part of the family. So here I am. I'm one of the rare 4 door Cutlass Supreme owners. I picked the car...

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