5.3 ls swap

  1. W

    Dash swap

    Has anyone swapped the dash from their LS donor vehicle and installed it in their G body? It looks fairly straight forward. I think I've sorted the wiring for all of it. I'm curious about the dimmer switch. It looks like it's a pulse width modulated signal. I'm sure I could take the dimmer knob...
  2. GroceryGetter83

    1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Sedan LS Turbo Build

    As I posted in my intro thread, I recently bought this 1983 Olds Cutlass Supreme 4 door. 75k miles, 231 c.i. V6 GM power plant, 3 speed automatic. Current motor has rod knock and will be coming out soon. Plan: 5.3L LS truck motor, keep AC (100% needed in FL), turbo + goodies Goal: 500 whp...
  3. Injectedcutty

    BUILD THREAD 87 Cutlass EFI build: 5/29/21-CRUISING

    I have been wanting to post my ride on here for awhile now and, well, here it is. This is my 87 cutlass supreme that I've had for 14 years now....it has been through several transformations over the years going from the olds 307 to a sbc 355...then upgraded to efi about 8 years ago. But when i...

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