1. Built6spdMCSS

    Cam Swap

    I recently swapped in a Thunder Racing Cam in my SS. I have it set where I'm happy with it, I launched it hard a few times and could smell the clutch so it's definitely making power. I'm probably at the limits of the LS7 Clutch in it.
  2. Built6spdMCSS

    New pics..

    Took my car out for a photoshoot, guy took some really awesome pics...the first one is amazing.
  3. Built6spdMCSS

    Electronic Speedo Conversion PIC HEAVY!!!!!!!

    I recently aquired the gauge cluster from a 1988 Monte Carlo SS. It was in really good condition, just needed to be cleaned up. My original one from my SS was cracked and broken so I had to take it out of the car. I converted it over to an electronic speedo using a 1990 K5 Blazer Gauge with the...

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