1. C

    MONTE CARLO 84 Monte Carlo SS Gen V L86 Swap

    I am about to put a Gen 5 L86 into my 84 Monte Carlo ss. I am wanting to bolt up to my 700R4. What motor mounts fit and can my transmission stay in the same spot? Will the stock manifolds work?
  2. Coolio

    MONTE CARLO Transmission Shift

    I have a rebuilt 700r4 transmission in my Monte Carlo ss. The problem I'm having is that it's shifting way too early. I want to know besides the TV cable what is a way to get it to shift properly? Any info/suggestions to try?
  3. 84ELCaminoLex

    Emission Decal EL Camino

    Wondering if anyone on this site can help me with information on gathering all the smog hoses and decals for passing California Smog. There are several decals, and i need to buy the correct one. This is where i am starting. I also put in a new 305ci motor, and i need to buy all the hoses, ect...
  4. rwd_pete

    700R4 Trans Fluid Pressure question

    I have a 700r4 originally from a 1986 B body. It shifted really soft and I installed a B&M shift kit in the Heavy Duty & RV option with a QJ carb. It worked better, but still pretty soft on the shifts. I moved the trans to another car with a more hopped up engine (GM Hot Cam) and a Holley carb...
  5. 8

    700r4 or 350 turbo?

    I'm new here, but have a question about my monte carlo project. I'm buying a 1985 305 high output with a 700r4. I also already have a turbo 350 with a shift kit. The car has 3.73 gears. I plan to do 4 barrel intake, carb, cam, headers, double roller timing chain or noisy timing gears, and maybe...
  6. 88cutlass

    Transmission Swap question

    What's up guys I have an 88 cutlass with the 307 engine and th200 trans. What would be the best replacement for the transmission and a good place to get one?
  7. 88cutlass

    Transmission question

    What up guys I was wondering what would be a good transmission replacement that would fit my stock 307 engine and where I can go get one?

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