build thread

  1. MariaMalibu

    Malibu Classic 1979

    Hi I'm Maria and I'm from Sweden. I don't have any big plans with my Malibu but it's still interesting (maybe mostly for me) to write what's happening with the car Story behind it is that a friend's uncle died and my friend asked me if I wanted to buy his Malibu. I just sold my El Camino 1968...
  2. G

    Finding Front-Axle Center line

    Hey Guys, I already browsed through topics to try to find my answer but with no luck i figured id make a post. Im about to be Chopping up my frame pretty heavily for a custom front suspension.... I will be going through and pulling measurements of existing frame for reference but the main...
  3. R

    The Upgrade Begins

    This is what I am working with. First changes are Bell Tech lowering springs, KYB gas shocks and replacement of the front end bushings with Energy Suspension parts.
  4. TheLemange

    The Lemange

    Yesterday was awesome! I Drug home my 1980 Pontiac lemans that I dubbed The Lemange. It was quite the experience. It was the first time I've hauled a car on a trailer, the first time using our car trailer, and I don't have a key for the car so we couldn't turn the wheels. It was an adventure...
  5. dotheshuffle

    Just another pro-touring Monte

    So plans change a bunch. I originally bought this car for a hundred bucks and immediately built it for the drag strip. Que the Mullets. Ran a best of 13.90 a couple years ago and decided to hang it up. You really gotta pay to play when I comes to performance, and drag racing a turd is boring. (A...
  6. gdouaire

    1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham

    My father's Oldsmobile, a 4-door Cutlass with an anemic 231 2BBL V6. That engine used to make 110 hp when it was new, but now it's probably lower. The car is loaded with options - A/C, power everything, vinyl roof, rallye wheels. It has a 200C transmission and the gears in the differential are...

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