1. GP403

    1981-1983 CCC (Computer Control Carburetor) Videos 2020-09-28 (The discussion tab should point to this thread. )
  2. oxide80

    CCC Closed loop oddity and questions

    So Ive been messing with the 87 442 off and on through the winter, I had a feeling when I bought it that the car has a few electrical gremlins... Upon purchase the check Engine light was on... I didn't have my dx tools with me, but figured it was nothing major and took a gamble... Found out the...
  3. S

    cr question

    hey guys,back again and found a hell of a deal on an olds 330 im picking up today.i plan to basically re-gasket it and replace the oil pump as the guy im buying it from told me it was driving great then started dipping in oil pressure down to about 5 to 10 psi.i did check the bearings and...

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