1. Zone_4_Lanlord

    a/c blows hard on cold, but barely blows on hot

    My a/c blow hard with them temp selector on cold, but when i switch to heat it barely blows. Whats the cause of this? If its on heat, the more i move it to cold, the harder it blows. The heat is hot it just barely coming out of the vents. All vacuum lines are fixed, everything else works. it...
  2. R

    Cutlass center console in Malibu

    has anyone fit a cutlass center console in a Malibu? If so how was it in terms of mounting it on?
  3. GP403

    GBOTM Nov. '20 - Congrats Hurst so good! ("The New Guys")

    Congrats to "new guy" and winner of November's GBotM, Hurst so good.
  4. Swindells

    Looking for new sills

    I’ve been able to find new wheel well trims and rear window trims and windshield trims and various others but I can’t find new window sills That go along the top of the door and up the back of the window Anyone know where I might be able to order some of these? mine seem to have taken a...
  5. Eddie Cutlass

    CUTLASS Replace TPS or Carb?

    Hey guys, wondering if y’all could give me a few pros and cons on either replacing the TPS or replacing the whole carb? I’m pulling a code 21 (faulty TPS). Car is a 1985 Cutlass supreme 307 Olds V8. Thanks in advance!
  6. Eddie Cutlass

    TPS (Check Engine code 21)

    Hey guys! Replaced the check engine light and was able to pull codes. Giving me the code 21 (TPS). Car is an 1985 Cutlass with 307. No other engine codes. Also, found these cable plugs unplugged. where do they go? 😂 Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. 4

    Late Model Bucket Seat Installation

    With the extra time on my hands due to the recent situation, I finally got some time to install the 98 Buick Regal front seats in my Cutlass. I bought these about four years ago, since it's very difficult to find any maroon late model seats. My Cutlass originally had buckets, manual passenger...
  8. Injectedcutty

    HELP Need to rebuild my 8.5" boys!

    Alright guys, finally at the stage where I'm contemplating on how to rebuild the rearend in the Cutlass. I have one of the desired 8.5" from a 442 that currently has stock axles, a Richmond powertrax posi and the stock 3:73's. The posi makes some odd noises at low speeds due to a bent axle issue...
  9. A

    Help! Can't find vinyl top moulding for 80' cutlass

    Hi there, I know a lady in her 70's that owns a 1980 Cutlass Supreme - Landau (Yep, she a very cool older lady) and she has been searching for the vinyl top moulding that runs up pillar B without much luck. She did manage to get a part number from a dealership though. #20066298 She doesn't...
  10. S

    New guy

    New guy here. Looking to buy a cutlass and do a ls swap. Anything specific i should look for while cutty shopping? I plan to put one of these babies in her
  11. 87Cuts

    Vinyl Top Delete 87 Cutlass

    Good morning all, I’m going to be doing a compete vinyl top delete on my 1987 Cutlass. It’s already 1/2 off and extremely raggedy. So far from the videos I’ve seen and the questions I’ve asked it looks like it just needs the rivets ground off. Couple technical questions so I know what to expect...
  12. 87Cuts

    1987 Cutlass Restoration Paint Job

    Hey all! I’m going to be restoring my 1987 Cutlass and posting stuff here. Feel free to ask me any questions, offer me any advice. My focus right now is on paint and general maintenance. The interior is pretty decent and complete and I just registered her so smog Is all that’s left for the...
  13. IMG_20160816_133135.jpg


    Project chicks
  14. C

    Just bought a 5 speed cutlass

    I just bought a 78 cutlass Calais with a 5 speed manual and the 260 v8 for $2,000. I have a few questions... 1. Did I get screwed over? The car runs and drives perfect, interior is ehhh and the exterior is also ehhh 2. My car is a factory 5 speed (It even says so on the build sheet) and I want...
  15. R

    84 Cutlass Bolt Pattern?

    I have an 84 Cutlass Supreme (Brougham). I'm looking to run 15 inch wheels on the back, but the problem is the 14s on it now with a 4 inch backspace are already close to the frame, so maybe I need to run negative fitment? A buddy gave me a set of hoosier slicks so now I just need wheels. Any...
  16. Swindells

    Trunk lid corners dropped

    Trying to adjust the trunk lid And I understand the 2 hinge bolts to adjust the front and back and twist if necessary But along the back window of the trunk It’s flush in the centre and the trunk lid drops on each corner around 3/16 - 1/4 inch Any tips on how to lift just the corners? I’ve...
  17. bob_t442

    1987 Cutlass Supreme Brougham Interior Color Chart

    Does anybody have the color names/codes that were offered on '87 Cutlass Supremes for the interior trim? I'm trying to help a buddy (by remote control - he lives 2 hours from me) who is looking to get interior paint for his car, which was painted from the factory in Light Chestnut and came with...
  18. T

    Battery Draw on '79 Cutlass Supreme

    Hello everyone, I have a question for you guys. My 1979 Cutlass Supreme Brougham has something that is drawing power from the battery when the car is not running. If I drive the car everyday (which I usually do in the summer as it is my daily) it's fine, and fires up right away. But if I leave...
  19. H

    1980 Cutlass Supreme

    So I’m back to trying to get my Cutlass finished... I stopped because I got really stuck in a couple different areas and need help... It’s a 1980 Cutlass that originally had the 260. I have a 350 out of a 70 delta 88 in it now with a 700r4 behind that. At the end of April I’ll be buying a ford...
  20. n4t3dogg403


    Hey all, I am new to the forum and decided to introduce myself. My name is Nate, I am 24, and I have an '86 Oldsmobile 442 with a modified 1978 Oldsmobile 403. My grandfather purchased the car from an old farmer who put less than 10k miles on it. My grandfather drove it until my father decided...

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