1. MrHernandez81

    CUTLASS My first swap and wiring job

    I've been working on this beauty the last week at work. It came in with a used Chinese harness, most parts in the trunk, custom grilles, and the request to "Be able to drive it home". The sooner the better.
  2. GP403

    The Chicago Cutlass

    If you haven't heard about what's going on with this rolling legend.... ... I guess a couple guys from the Classic G-Body Garage / OCA picked it up and plan to "preserve" it or at least make it mechanically sound(!?) 🤷‍♂️
  3. Mlong155

    New Alternator Issues

    I recently purchased a new alternator for my 1982 Cutlass Supreme. My car came original with the 6 cylinder and the previous owner swapped in an Olds 307. After installing the new alternator I noticed my battery light was on in the dash cluster. Even when the car is not running and keys are in...
  4. Mlong155

    1982 Cutlass Wiper Switch. HELP!

    I have recently bought an 82 Cutlass and upon receiving it, was told that the wiper switch was broke. No problem. I’ll replace it right? Nope. No one offers one and they all seem to have been discontinued. If anyone can help or has one I would greatly appreciate it!
  5. P

    CUTLASS I can’t find this style seat pattern anywhere

    I purchased an 87 cutlass supreme for parts, mainly the seats. The problem I am having is I cannot locate this upholstery seat pattern anywhere. I wanted to re do the seats to match the new carpet 8019 mist grey. Does anyone recognize this seat pattern to know if this style is original to a...
  6. Xavis87

    CUTLASS Ideas on engine swap

    Hello everyone I have a 1987 cutlass salon v6 and was wondering what are some ideas on engine swaps. Tell me about your swap. Please and thanks
  7. D

    CUTLASS 86 Cutlass Supreme Brougham

    Hey guys new here on the forum. Just got my 86 cutlass the dream car I always wanted. It doesn’t really need to much done to it besides normal stuff such as paint job headliner etc. The car is all original and not much rust or damage through out the car it’s pretty solid came with 49k original...
  8. S

    I’m new here, I have an 87 Cutlass Supreme…

    I’m new here & I have an 87 Cutlass Supreme I bought when I was in High School. The last time it was cranked up was probably in 2005-2006. But it’s been sitting on a concrete slap ever since in the weather. It’s still in good condition to me but I want to restore it back to the original look. I...
  9. J

    Decoding cowl tag

    I need help decoding the cowl tag on an old cutlass I've got. Any help is appreciated thank you.
  10. A

    An Introduction

    I haven't actually heard of this website until recently. I was actually head-over heels seeing all the threads. Anyway, here's an introduction to me and mostly my car. This is my '86 Cutlass that I've comically named "Calliope", since Calliope has 3 meanings: 1. The name of some kind of...
  11. JamesEarlCash

    CUTLASS Starting on My Cutty

    Ok so I’m finally getting my 1984 Cutlass Supreme Brougham sedan ready for the road again. It has a 350 sbc & th350 transmission from a 1979 Chevy c10 big10, a true dual exhaust with flowmaster mufflers and that’s about it as far has performance mods go for now. Inside i added a grant mahogany...
  12. Swindells

    CUTLASS Cracked tail light

    I have a small crack in the top of one of my tail lights Does anyone know a decent way to repair this crack and make it less visible? If no I do have a second set of lights that are for some reason a slight darker shade of red Does anyone know of a good way to restore/refinish the plastic...
  13. Swindells

    CUTLASS General paint discussion

    The time is coming soon to paint my cutlass and I’m having a very hard time deciding what colour/colours to paint it I was thinking a high gloss white originally being as I have the bluey/green stock interior, kinda limits me to choices for exterior paint but I think I’d like to go 2 tone just...
  14. Swindells

    Custom hood ornaments

    I’m looking to get a custom hood ornament made for my cutlass Was just wondering if anyone else has ever gotten anything like this done and if so could you point me in the right direction
  15. J

    CUTLASS 1986 Cutlass 442 engine support needed!

    Hi all, I am new to this and hope i can get some help with my cutlass build here in Seattle. I have a 1986 white t-top Cutlass 442. Currently I dropped a GM 350 Goodwrench (1006636) it also has some heads with casting number 4036, so not sure what I have. I am new to carburetor motors so I keep...
  16. calli.uwu

    Cutlass Vortec swap

    I've got an '86 Cutlass Supreme with a junkyard 1987 307 (because I threw a rod in the og 307) and this engine isn't far from death. I'm thinking of doing a junkyard Vortec swap to it and I am not very knowledgeable with engine swaps this big. Anybody got any tips? Also, what kind of Vortec...
  17. W

    1986 442 Cutlass

    What’s up fellow members. I just came up on my dream car. 86 442. Anyone in the chicago area that have any pointers for me? I’m very happy to have gotten my dream ride.
  18. P

    Roof Trim Clips

    I am looking for the clips that go on the roof between the half vinyl top and t tops. These clips hold down the trim piece that goes on the roof between the vinyl top and t tops. Can’t seem to find these clips anywhere or their part number. Thanks
  19. P

    1979 Cutlass Fender

    In search of a rust free front drivers side fender for my 79 Cutlass without the extra cornering lamp. Want to replace the current fender due to damage. Thanks
  20. Zone_4_Lanlord

    a/c blows hard on cold, but barely blows on hot

    My a/c blow hard with them temp selector on cold, but when i switch to heat it barely blows. Whats the cause of this? If its on heat, the more i move it to cold, the harder it blows. The heat is hot it just barely coming out of the vents. All vacuum lines are fixed, everything else works. it...

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