1. ThePatriot

    What is my 1980 Malibu Classic worth?

    I have one of those hard, no absolute right answer questions that have likely been asked many times before but the answers are market/time driven. What is my 1980 Malibu Classic worth? She’s been in the family since 1988 and one of my most treasured cars, but the time has come to thin the herd...
  2. 8

    MONTE CARLO Edelbrock e force supercharger 1552

    waiting on the final parts To my build 355sbc edelbrock 1552 pd supercharger 9inch with 4.56 3 speed th400 turbo(built) caged 6 ties directly to the frame boxed in walboro 255 looped forged internals yadda yada etc etc anyone here had a similar setup still running 275s I cant find anything...
  3. I

    CA Smog Test/Replace Electronic Quadrajet

    Hello folks: I am working on a 1984 el Camino/305 c.i. The vehicle has an electronic quadrajet which I would like to get rid of and upgrade the carb to a high performance carb like a #1906 Edelbrock AVS2 or something like that - nothing radical. My concerns are: If I replace the...
  4. RegMan79

    Edelbrock intake 2101. Carb?

    I recently got a used 2101 performer eddy intake. Was thinking of getting a eddy 1405 carb to use with it. After reading about these QuadJets, I'm thinking I might just keep it for now. What would you guys suggest? There's a lot of mixed feelings about both of these. Car is currently stock and a...

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