1. HK_Camino

    EL CAMINO EFI conversion - fuel return line - use existing 'vent' line or new sending unit??

    Hi yall, I'm doing an efi conversion on my 1986 el camino with the holley sniper kit. I already have a return 'vent' fuel line that goes through a carbon filter box (i think). Would it be ok to use the vent line for the return fuel line the EFI system needs, or do I need to purchase a new...
  2. M

    L29 454 ROUND 2........FIGHT!!!!

    Well life is a series of peaks and valleys. As I was on my way to have my car looked at for an estimate to repair rear end collision damage done by a midget neckbeard Millenial with no brakes or sense in a nissan hardbody pickup, my lowered 4” in the front 3” in the rear cone filter L29 took a...
  3. M

    L29 454 swap

    hey all, my name is Blake, and I have a 1984 Monte Carlo ss with a targetmaster 2pc rms 350 that was installed in 1986 under warranty, and the original th350c. At some point in time somebody installed a 3.73 motive gear into the open carrier (and didn’t change the speedo gear), but with the...
  4. LukeZ

    305 Quadrajet to EFI

    Hey guys, Ive been thinking about switching to EFI on my 305 for better fuel management (mostly I want better mileage and throttle response. It's just a daily). I have the stock 4 Barrel quadrajet and my intake manifold is an Eddy Performer Air Gap. Two big questions: first, are there...
  5. Injectedcutty

    BUILD THREAD 87 Cutlass EFI build: 5/29/21-CRUISING

    I have been wanting to post my ride on here for awhile now and, well, here it is. This is my 87 cutlass supreme that I've had for 14 years now....it has been through several transformations over the years going from the olds 307 to a sbc 355...then upgraded to efi about 8 years ago. But when i...

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