1. GP403

    1981-1983 CCC (Computer Control Carburetor) Videos 2020-09-28

    https://gbodyforum.com/threads/gm-ccc-service-videos.76761/ (The discussion tab should point to this thread. )
  2. 78_Monte970

    Emissions help needed

    First build, never gone through the emissions process before. This is my first car lol. I have a 78 monte carlo with a 69-80 350, unknown cam, with a 600cfm carb. It has unknown longtubes, true dual, to glasspacks. Will i need cats for 78? I live in larimer county, and apparently i need to pass...
  3. 78_Monte970

    Need a Coloradan

    I need a Coloradan with a g body to give me some knowledge. The guy I bought the car from said that emmisions with these were weird, so I want to know the requirements to pass. Currently have a straight pipe with only glass packs on an sbc. Thanks -ethan
  4. 84ELCaminoLex

    Emission Decal EL Camino

    Wondering if anyone on this site can help me with information on gathering all the smog hoses and decals for passing California Smog. There are several decals, and i need to buy the correct one. This is where i am starting. I also put in a new 305ci motor, and i need to buy all the hoses, ect...
  5. CaliWagon83

    Cats or no cats?

    Just curious how many of you still run catalytic converters on your G-bodies. For those of you outside California and other states with strict smog laws, it's probably an easy decision, but for those of us living in Peoples' Republics, it's "living dangerously" to go cat-less. Also, what engines...
  6. RegMan79

    New dual exhaust/emissions questions

    Hey everyone, got a 79 Monte, I'm thinking of ordering a new duel exhaust and headers kit from jegs. It's a bolt on deal set up. My only issue is I live in an emissions city and my car has a cat on it. The kit has no cats and not finding one that comes with them. I don't really want them anyway...

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