1. 80elky

    350 build

    I posted a similar thread a few months ago about a 454 build but I may have found another project to put that in, but either way, I was looking for some suggestions on how to get decent power out of my 350. Right now it's just a standard 350 with cast iron heads, 650 edelbrock carb, no bore, and...
  2. E

    Rapid Clicking from Carb During Idle

    Hi everyone, First thread here happy to be apart of the community! First question, I had a bunch of ruined wires coming from my wiring harness that I re-spliced and reconnected (my gauge fuse kept blowing out due to a short). After I did that and fired up my engine, a bunch of blue smoke...
  3. 81MalibuMan

    Hard time finding fuel filter

    Hey guys I got a 1981 Chevy Malibu Base model with a V6 3.8L she's turning over but won't stay running. My bet is that the fuel filter is gunked to hell only problem is that I can't figure out where it is. Doesn't help that I'm new to working on my own cars. I've been googling for an answer all...
  4. G

    Engine tick

    355 with headers, I’ve checked everywhere for leaks and found none. The tick gets quieter as the engine warms up and is only really noticeable below 2000 rpm
  5. G

    Hp estimated

    Hey guys Just wondering any estimates of hp for my engine 355 sbc 9.0 compression Decent rv cam ~5000 redline Holley 650 double pumper and edbrock rpm air gap intake 2.5 inch exaust without cats Just wondering
  6. oldmansmonte

    Engine tick or exhaust tick? - UPDATED

    So I changed the oil on the Monte. Let it run for about a minute and I revved it up to about 2,500 rpm when I suddenly heard a ticking sound. Specs: Iron 350 w/vortec heads, flat tappet cam and lifters. Ceramic coated Flo Tech headers, split lock header bolts, 2.5 exhaust with high flow cats...
  7. 406 Monte

    Confused with my cylinder heads

    So yesterday I pulled out my sportsman II heads that have been stashed away for 8 yrs. They were on my 406 circle track engine and I'm hoping to get them ready to go on the 406 I'm building for the Monte. So I had one on the bench looking it over and notice NO steam holes and I'm thinking WTF...
  8. MalibuHacon

    Engine Temperature Gauge not working

    My temp gauge is stuck in the lowest possible reading all the time, i have the sport dash with the temp, volt, and oil gauge in a 1980 Malibu. I looked through some videos on youtube and everybody suggested that a ground wire on the engine-block was usually the cause when gauge is stuck at...
  9. MalibuHacon

    First car: 1980 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon

    I've just recently received my first car, its a 1980 malibu classic wagon! spare parts are not common where I live (Norway) and the car needs some cosmetic upgrades, as well as some small maintnance.. * first priority is to fix my high beam switch, it won't stay on (have to hold it towards me)...

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