1. G

    Finding Front-Axle Center line

    Hey Guys, I already browsed through topics to try to find my answer but with no luck i figured id make a post. Im about to be Chopping up my frame pretty heavily for a custom front suspension.... I will be going through and pulling measurements of existing frame for reference but the main...
  2. CaliWagon83

    Exhaust attaches to frame or body?

    Hi All! So...Actually considering DIY-ing a lot more of my restomod if I can find a house with a workshop (or room for one). The prices on two-post lifts are actually not that bad, so if I can get approval for one where I move to, I'm thinking of trying to do the body/frame separation myself...
  3. CaliWagon83

    Hellwig FX Frame Reinforcement Kit - Experiences?

    Hi All. Noticed Hellwig now offers a Frame FX reinforcement kit for the G-Bodies. Has anyone bought & installed it? I know it’s not a simple “bolt-on” but the reviews I’ve read so far seem to be pretty favorable, and people say it makes a noticeable difference in frame strength and stiffness...
  4. Mike buttafuoco

    Transmission cross members

    anyone make their own transmission cross member? I am seasoned in the fab and welding department and making one won't be an issue but I wanted some ideas as I am so friggin indecisive that what she take me a day, will take 2 months because I am the type, if I don't like the way it looks, I start over...
  5. B

    Good donor car frames?

    i apologize for two posts in rapid succession, but as I said in my last one, I bought my Regal for $300. The reason I bought it is because all the other cars under $1k had awful frames, and I mean AWFUL. The Regal I have has a very rusty frame, I won't sugarcoat it. It's not a lost cause I hope...

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