grand prix

  1. Chuckles87blue

    1983 Pontiac Grand Prix project

    Project car 1983 Grand Prix frame off restoration frame and body. Have all kinds of extras will throw in a 1977 Pontiac 400 short block needs to be rebuilt and a cherry picker also many extras. Front suspension built as pictured $2000 firm also throw in 2004r trans. Text chuck 586-569-9273 if...
  2. Soderlund416

    New to the forum, just bought my second G-Body

    Hey guys, Figured I would say Hi. I just bought my second G-body car that I have owned, and have some cool plans for this one. My first car I got back in high school and it was my first car. It was a 1987 Pontiac Grand Prix. It was a factory V8 car and a ton of fun for a high school kid who...
  3. 1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.3)

    1979 Pontiac Catalog (p.3)

    Facts & Figures: Grand Prix
  4. 1981 Pontiac Grand Prix

    1981 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Get the mileage of a Datsun without having to drive one.
  5. 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

    1978 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Grand new looks. Grand new luxury. Grand new Prix.
  6. 1979 Pontiac Grand Prix

    1979 Pontiac Grand Prix

    You'll find something new to love every time you drive it.
  7. 1986 Pontiac RWD Brochure Cover(?)

    1986 Pontiac RWD Brochure Cover(?)

  8. Not Your Typical Sunday Drivers

    Not Your Typical Sunday Drivers

    going to guess 1986?
  9. Grand Prix "Americana" Special Edition

    Grand Prix "Americana" Special Edition

    No idea on year or where this was. It had to be a dealer-made edition. Sorry for the size, only one I have.
  10. Pontiac Takes On The Imports

    Pontiac Takes On The Imports

    1980(?) Grand Prix
  11. There's New Excitement in our '83 Grand Prix

    There's New Excitement in our '83 Grand Prix

  12. Grand Prix GT (1)

    Grand Prix GT (1)

  13. Grand Prix GT (2)

    Grand Prix GT (2)

  14. Grand Prix GT (3)

    Grand Prix GT (3)

  15. 1980 Grand Prix! Grand LeMans! Grand LeMans Safari!

    1980 Grand Prix! Grand LeMans! Grand LeMans Safari!

    Announcing More Pontiac Excitement to the Gallon!
  16. Grand prix 80

    80 grand prix sj vortec swap

    I got a 1980 grand prix that I bought I love G bodys. Engine was junk I knew that buying it. I bought a 98 gmc yukon 5.7 that I'm in progress of converting over to carburation I'm pretty close. I know I cant use the stock pontiac trans. But I thought I ask what others used I know where i can get...
  17. flatout

    2+2 Progress

    Just wanted to let you guys in on the progress of my Aero coupe. I have got most of the interior done. Still needs minor details to complete, I have to take a break from it from time to time. It is my evening project. I am going to start another thread on the wagon that I just picked up last...
  18. G

    Grand Prix for sale. Too good to be true price?

    Just saw this on ebay.
  19. G

    Gas and Power 1985 Grand Prix 3.8 V6

    Good morning G body forum I am new to the group. I have a 1985 Grand Prix 3.8 V6 I just did a full tune up, I replaced the distributor and and rebuilt the carb. My questions may sound remedial but please bare with me. What can I do to my G-Body to help it run better in the summer? What can I do...
  20. Injectedcutty

    '87 GP for sale.

    I've seen this Grand Prix sitting on the road off and on for awhile now...finally got curious enough to see why it's sat for sale this long. Overall, it looks like a pretty solid car, i checked out the frame and it didn't look horrible, some surface rust on the roof, but who knows how it looks...

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