1. oldmansmonte

    Finally have a headlight out. Looking for upgrade recommendations

    '85 Monte Carlo Base coupe After 12 years I finally have a headlight out. Still has the original style sealed beams. I know technology has grown in recent years and I'm wondering what people recommend? I'm leaning towards Dixie's H4 conversion kit. Let me know what's worked for you in the...
  2. jwood1213

    LED Headlight question

    I saw these headlights (link and screenshot below) a lot on other g-bodies and even f-bodies, does anyone here who has them have any feedback on them? I was thinking of ordering a set but I wanted to do some research on the work needed to set these up.
  3. rmorman

    LED Headlights from Vision Industries

    Last week I was scrolling down Facebook and saw somebody mention these guys. They have an LED headlight that, according to them, looks like stock. I like that idea as the aftermarket ones I've seen look too "modern" for my 3rd Gen Monte. I've been trying to find information online as to how...
  4. oldmansmonte

    I normally don't like stuff like this but wow!

    I'm not a huge fan of major car modifications, especially on the late 86-88 Monte LS since there are so few left unmolested. But these headlights blew my mind. They really pop. They make the car look like some kind of evil robot or something. Came across them by accident on Google. Few other...
  5. J

    81 Monte all lights work except the head lights

    I was driving in a dark mountain pass with my high beams on when I hear a pop sound under the dash. My headlights went dark. I checked under the dash all fuses seem to be OK. I drove the 15 miles home at 20 miles an hour with the flashers on. All lights work except the head lights I have no low...
  6. H

    87 cutlass headlight problem

    I just got a 87 cutlass supreme an I'm having a problem with my headlights. I try to click from low to hi but it won't do it at all I don't even hear the click sound. Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix this problem
  7. Regalman08

    Looking for the chrome grille style headlight guards.. Anyone?

    Not sure what they are actually called cant find em anywhere on eBay I had some threw em out thinking I'd never want em again haha now I do!! A one know of any I could get at?

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