1. 78_Monte970

    350 head identification

    Hi folks! i have a mildly built 350 from 74 or 75 in my monte and i am trying to figure out what heads are on it. I looked for the signature double hump of performance sbc heads but instead there is a recessed groove where the double hump or other marking would be. The only numbers i could see...
  2. EML78


    I got a 350 I want to get reuild/add performance parts, how much would it roughly cost? Any info helps
  3. chuckwhit

    454 86 monte carlo LS suggestions

    Hello everyone I recently just purchased a 86 monte carlo LS not going to be a race car but hoping for at least 450 hp for a fun street car. And I came across a 73 2 bolt 454 short block. Well I got it in the machine shop currently getting balanced here's what I got so far 454 bored .060 over...
  4. 406 Monte

    Confused with my cylinder heads

    So yesterday I pulled out my sportsman II heads that have been stashed away for 8 yrs. They were on my 406 circle track engine and I'm hoping to get them ready to go on the 406 I'm building for the Monte. So I had one on the bench looking it over and notice NO steam holes and I'm thinking WTF...
  5. Big&Rich$

    Big block heads on a small block?

    I've read it can be done in several different articles. My question is which intake do you use when you make the head swap? My 86 Cutlass Supreme has a 71' 350 in it. So 455 big block intake or small block intake when you do a big block set of heads on a small block olds.
  6. lelanb

    Thinking about Vortec heads...

    So my 85 cutlass has what im 90 percent sure is a lt9 (truck 350) swapped into it and a th350 transmission with a shift kit. The past owner had a cam installed during the rebuild which im 90 percent sure is a 260h comp cam. (seems like he really wanted a truck). Would i be able to get a pair...

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