1. fluffythree

    HELP - Rear intake coolant hose fitting

    i thought a hose was leaking but i knew once a part of the intake came with the hose it was something else. The fitting pretty much crumbled when i sneezed on it. I am stunned. Has anyone ran into this problem before? This car has been a daily driver and hope i can find a sort of-timely way to...
  2. LukeZ

    non-EGR intake

    Sorry, this may be a dumb question. Go easy haha Can you put a non-EGR intake on an engine that initially came with an EGR intake? Any benefits to doing that? I understand that most people say doing an EGR delete is ghetto and a waste since it really does nothing except make your car run worse...
  3. RegMan79

    Issues after swap. Intake/carb

    Hello everyone. So I swapped my intake and carb last week (first time). I finally got it running, but not well. It's hard to keep running and it back fires at half throttle also I'm seeing some smoke out the valve covers. It ran good before the swap and only smoked for a second on start ups...
  4. RegMan79

    Edelbrock intake 2101. Carb?

    I recently got a used 2101 performer eddy intake. Was thinking of getting a eddy 1405 carb to use with it. After reading about these QuadJets, I'm thinking I might just keep it for now. What would you guys suggest? There's a lot of mixed feelings about both of these. Car is currently stock and a...
  5. B

    Switching to Single Plane Intake

    I have a 350 in my 85 SS Monte, I have a dual plane on it with a one inch spacer on top. Was just wondering if an actual open plenum would give me any gains. Also, would i need to swap anything else to make it run right? I've heard about more stall, but I'm not to sure. Reason I'm asking is that...
  6. RegMan79

    Edelbrock EPS. Worth it?

    Hey all, I got a 79 Monte stock 305, th350, 273 gears (possibly going to 3.73 soon). I found an edelbrock performer EPS for really cheap. Would this fit? Would it work with or with out emissions issues? Would it even be worth the effort?

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