1. P

    CUTLASS I can’t find this style seat pattern anywhere

    I purchased an 87 cutlass supreme for parts, mainly the seats. The problem I am having is I cannot locate this upholstery seat pattern anywhere. I wanted to re do the seats to match the new carpet 8019 mist grey. Does anyone recognize this seat pattern to know if this style is original to a...
  2. atvjoey

    Reupholstering Bench Seat

    Hey guys, I am in the process of restoring my interior and I am putting in an old bench seat. It needs to be reupholstered so I am going to take a crack at it. I am going to be doing it in red/maroon/claret and I was wondering if anybody has pictures of different reds that all the big places...
  3. jwood1213

    Monte console upgrade

    I was thinking of changing out the factory console for one out of an F-body camaro/trans am, does anyone know the fabrication required to make it work?
  4. bob_t442

    1987 Cutlass Supreme Brougham Interior Color Chart

    Does anybody have the color names/codes that were offered on '87 Cutlass Supremes for the interior trim? I'm trying to help a buddy (by remote control - he lives 2 hours from me) who is looking to get interior paint for his car, which was painted from the factory in Light Chestnut and came with...
  5. H

    1980 Cutlass Supreme

    So I’m back to trying to get my Cutlass finished... I stopped because I got really stuck in a couple different areas and need help... It’s a 1980 Cutlass that originally had the 260. I have a 350 out of a 70 delta 88 in it now with a 700r4 behind that. At the end of April I’ll be buying a ford...
  6. CaliWagon83

    Keep '78-'83 Style Radio, or Go 1.5 DIN?

    Would like some advice and input from you guys in terms of doing an interior facelift on the wagon. '83 was the last year of the wagon, and it has the older-style '78-'83 gauges and center stack. I already have an '84-'87 style gauge cluster and bezel, which is required to fit the Dakota Digital...
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  9. CaliWagon83

    Wacky idea on interior parts/smalls

    So I had an out-there idea on custom or non-original parts (i.e. different model year, but same model) parts. Inquiring about the HVAC/radio bezel, and finding out there are some minor differences on the attachment tabs between the ‘78-‘83 and ‘84-‘87 models. My idea was to 3D-scan both...
  10. Friscog

    79 buick regal interior to a 78?

    Hello everyone im new on here and i own a 78 buick regal limited with a 305 5.0l. I recently found two 79 regals at a pick your part yard and i need a couple of parts, i was wondering would the interior of the 79 fit in my 78? Like the upper door panels, tail lights, dash speaker cover and...
  11. MalibuHacon

    Engine Temperature Gauge not working

    My temp gauge is stuck in the lowest possible reading all the time, i have the sport dash with the temp, volt, and oil gauge in a 1980 Malibu. I looked through some videos on youtube and everybody suggested that a ground wire on the engine-block was usually the cause when gauge is stuck at...
  12. Junebugs 86Cuttleya

    Looking for seat recline cover

    So I have my new seats covered now I'm looking for a cover for the recline lever, I think the seats are from a camaro but not sure at all. the tracks fit just need a cover for the recline lever. is this something I should look at the junkyard for I'd like to buy them if possible. The pic has the...
  13. smokybob

    78 Monte carlo Dash options??

    Dixie makes a brand new 81 dash. My question is, will the 81 dash fit in the 78? Does anyone know if this is possible? Finding a dash is proving hard.
  14. smokybob

    Seats, I know....

    Brand new here. I have a 1978 Monte Carlo im redoing. Will Cadillac seats from a Fleetwood or deville fit into a Gbody? I have heard different things from people. Has anyone here tried something like this? I have buckets right now.
  15. RegMan79

    Headliner job.

    I found a headliner board for my 79 Monte at a junk yard, in 1 piece! Came from an 83 grand prix. 17 bucks vs a 100+ for a new 1. I'm pretty sure I know what to do. Any tips would be appreciated. Also I ordered a turn Signal switch today too. I am waiting on that and a manual too. I know I'll...
  16. Neighborhood_OG

    Subtle Audio Upgrades

    I'm thinking about replacing the factory cd player in the 87 Cutlass but I don't want to destroy the factory appearance but if I have to then I'd like to keep it as subtle as possible. I just throwing this out there to see what kind of head unit setups you guys are running? Also has anyone used...
  17. Tim benigno

    interior shots

  18. MalibuHacon

    Buzzer will randomly come on..

    On my 1980 Chevy Malibu the buzzer randomly comes on, and stays on! it is very loud and obnoxious, and i think it might be pulling some battery juice as well. It will disappear when I put my key in the ignition and turn it to the first click and turn on again once i take it out. It will get...
  19. J

    New to g-body thing, kinda need help

    Hey guys and gals, I'm tyler and I just bought an 85 culass salon. I want to build a budget hot rod but having trouble finding parts warehouses that carry g-body stuff. I need some interior components and trim pieces that are missing. I also have a question about the coil springs under these...
  20. MalibuHacon

    Malibu Questions, interior and exterior problems

    Hello! (i uploaded this in interior and electrical as well) :oops: I have a 1980 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon, it has the 305 V8 and 350 trans. I'm planning on fixing or improving overall feel and quality of the car. - In the interior there is a clicking sound, by the looks of it it clicks in line...

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