1. J

    1987 Buick Regal

    New to Forums. Do I even post this up here? Let me know and I'll take it down if this is the wrong place. Thanks in advance. 1987 Buick Regal $16,500 Offer me and come see it. Built, Big 350 engine with Edelbrock Heads 50,000 miles on rebuilt engine Corvette transmission Runs great, Strong...
  2. L

    New to the forum

    Loko2dr. I’m a gbody owner in philly and recently just put 20s on my gbody. I’ll post more pics later but the rims is rev 652 20x9 perfect fit although I gotta rol the fenders a lil bit 275/40/20 my build is on Instagram too Loko2dr
  3. H

    does anyone know if these irocs will fit?

    I own a 78' El Camino SS and I want to put some irocs on it. I want 20s and the specs are 275/40R20 160W. What spacers would I need in the rear? Or do I need any at all?
  4. 88cutlass

    20 in irocs advice

    What's up guys. I'm thinking of putting 20 in irocs on my 88 cutlass. I have spring extensions of 1 in the front and 1.5 in the back from previous owner: what tire size and rim size would be perfect for my car? Do I need spacers and adapters? And will they rub?

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