1. Malibu neon Bezel

    Malibu neon Bezel

    Neon Dez
  2. Swindells

    HELP LED headlight issue

    So I just installed some LED headlights For starters When I had only one side installed the low and high were working fine separately but I couldn’t get the high beams to work together and have both on Strange And now that I’ve installed the other side The low beams only light 2 of the LED on...
  3. Swindells

    CUTLASS Cracked tail light

    I have a small crack in the top of one of my tail lights Does anyone know a decent way to repair this crack and make it less visible? If no I do have a second set of lights that are for some reason a slight darker shade of red Does anyone know of a good way to restore/refinish the plastic...
  4. TrafficKing

    No power to taillight fuse

    Hello all, I usually can figure most things out in life but this has me stumped and no lie electrical isn't my thing. I have just bought a 87 MC SS and after towing it home and installing a new battery she fired up, the starter missed two times before it caught, so I've already purchased a new...
  5. olds517

    Fixin' the '79 H/O

    I bought a 1979 H/O and the Gas, Oil, Temp and battery gauges don't work. When I unplug the connections for gas and temp gauge arm bounces to opposite side plug back in and it bounces back. my horn doesn't work and my blinkers did work but they stopped the hazards work I switched the hazard...
  6. RegMan79

    Issues after turn signal switch replacement

    Hello, 79 Monte. Just replaced my turn signal switch only to find out that wasn't the problem anyway. It's where the lever connects to the metal linkage that goes to turn signal switch. It's busted where leakage meets lever basically. Had the car for about 2 months now and from what I understand...
  7. B

    Interior lights staying on!!! Please help!!!

    I have a 1985 Monte Carlo SS. A while back all my interior lights began to stay on, so I pulled the bulbs, recently i changed my light switch and installed the dome light to test. The switch controlled it fine, and the doors allowed the light to come on and off when opening and closing. I...
  8. 1980 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon Euro

    1980 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon Euro

    Had this car for a couple weeks, its one owner sold new in Norway.

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