1. rwd_pete

    G-body EFI Fuel tank baffles

    Hi I'm just working on an LT1/Saginaw 4 speed install in my Malibu. For the fuel tank I know that you can use a Grand National or TBI Monte but they are scarce. Some time ago I gave my son our '62 Pontiac with a 400 sbc/700r4 (it was originally a Canadian car, 283/PG). The 400 was a gas hog...
  2. CaliWagon83

    Anyone done a Gen-V LT1 swap?

    Has anyone done a Gen-V LT1 swap? Thinking of it. Only major downside I’ve heard about the DI engines is carbon buildup on the intake valves. Some say a good catch can takes care of this. Any experiences or advice welcome.
  3. flatout

    Swaping LT1 T56 to a LS6

    Trying to install an LT1 T56 to a LS 6. It's suppose to be an easy job, but did not do my research. I have the car completely tore apart. Does anyone have info. It seems like an aftermarket flywheel would be the answer to my problems. Does anyone make one?
  4. Z48LT1

    Alan Grove accy brackets for LT1 swap?

    Has anyone used the Alan Grove accessory brackets for their LT1 swaps into their G-bodies? It appears to me these brackets would be simpler to install (no steel reinforcing rods) and might make more room to work on the engine systems and might not require any frame clearancing for the a/c...
  5. The1Heisenberg

    4L60e won't shift out of 1st gear

    Hey guys I know I haven't posted at all since I joined but I can't work on my car when I'm at school. Either way, I've been trying to solve a no-shift problem with my LT1 swapped Cutlass, not your typical G-Body issue but here goes. Background on car: 1986 Olds Cutlass Supreme w/ 1996 Caprice...
  6. dotheshuffle

    ditching the gen 1... for ?

    I bought my 100.00 princess 3 years ago. I rebuilt and replaced just about everything but her tail lights. Wish I knew about this site back then, lots of good pointers here. Since I've owned this car, I've pulled the (old owners built 350) motor twice. Once for the rebuild (I added forged...

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