malibu classic

  1. Dezimade

    MALIBU Rear break lights

    Hi happy day. No break lights. 🟥◻️🟥 Been sniffing around the fuse box and other areas. What would cause all lights to work properly but the break lights. 💭 Have not changed any or checked bulbs, As I’m at a family thing? Thanks
  2. Dezimade

    MALIBU Break light 🟥◻️🟥

    Interior light Looks like I need breaks. I came to a fast stop 🛑 in traffic. And wow. I got lil break! So I pulled over tossed some fluid in it as I may have a leak. Too damn cold to check. No garage. What would be your advice to me interms of driving. She stops but the light is still on. ...
  3. Dezimade

    MALIBU Now would you look at that!

    Can’t find a hinge for the life of me! Silly purchases with no regard! No one has a hinge . That fits. This is my 4 th try . It keeps hitting the windshield wiper motor.
  4. Dezimade

    MALIBU Cold 🥶 Start

    Hi! When the Weather in Boston dips below 60° she has a b*tch of a time Getting going. Once she is warm after a choky start 3 minutes perhaps 4 minutes. That sweet 267 small block. Starts to gain momentum. And it’s great. Where do I begin to fix this issue! Thanks Dez
  5. Discontinued Chain

    Discontinued Chain

    Art malibu
  6. Classic


    Malibu 1979
  7. Ho Jo

    Ho Jo

  8. Dezimade

    MALIBU Hood Hinges

    Looks like I got a set of Monty Carlo hinges. Here’s the rub. They do not fit My 1979 Malibu Classic ? Can any body point me to a pair or at the very least tell me what year Cutlass should I be looking at to compromise
  9. Dezimade

    MALIBU Inner felt

    Seemed as if the staple holes don’t match up. ?
  10. Dezimade

    MALIBU Frame

    Hi guys. You know that rear frame rail that gets rotted ? I got one on the rear passenger side and it’s got to go ! That said I have been seeing replacements in various sites. Not my area of experience. Can anybody Pout me in a direction for a replacement rail. Oh and the rot is past the axle...
  11. Malibu neon Bezel

    Malibu neon Bezel

    Neon Dez
  12. Neon Bez

    Neon Bez

    Neon Dez
  13. Dezimade

    MALIBU Cold case fan/fans

    Hi guys looking to put a electric fan on the cold case . 80-87 G-BODY ALUMINUM PERFORMANCE RADIATOR I have all intentions of diving in hot conditions. 100° or over. Anybody have an experience with this . That can share the necessary parts while she’s a part . Thanks Dez
  14. Dezimade

    MALIBU American idle

    Why am I getting a high rev in park? I need to lower the idle….. any advice? Rochester 2 barrel Already tuned by a diesel mechanic . I am a new 🐝 when it comes to carbs. Dez
  15. Hood


    Restore hood 79 Flaty
  16. Revere


  17. Dezimade

    MALIBU Pop goes the belt

    happy fourth!! Snapped fan belt One broke, One fell off One nowhere to be found. Heard a bit of fan belt squeal after I replaced the new hood. Thinking….. i replaced the cowl fiberglass hood…… for the flat steal created excessive heat. Or ? Cheap belts ! How can I avoid this issue...
  18. Dezimade

    Door concerns

    Happy 4 th. I’m addressing the doors on my coupe 79 Malibu Classic. New glass. Yes I found 2. That said I’m interested in door sound., as well as water protection, mylar, etc. there is a lot out there. Can anyone pour me in a direction what to tend to as of importance so I don’t have to go back...
  19. Art Shot

    Art Shot

  20. Stock 267 small block

    Stock 267 small block

    Cleaning the bay

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