mikes montes

  1. jwood1213

    BUILD THREAD 1988 Monte Carlo SS Frankenstein project

    Here's roughly 3 years of work on a t-top MCSS. We're doing a full restomod, floor, quarters, t-top portion of the roof. The whiter doors came off a different car that had been sitting in a warehouse since the 90's and the trunk panel on the 14th picture was an unused extra that we were told was...
  2. S

    Third Brake Light Monte SS

    My 3rd brake light went out the other day and i was wondering if its worth replacing the bulb or replacing the entire thing. One of the only things in the car that I'm not quite sure with. I would just assume replace the bulb, but if that is more work than its worth Mikes Montes has the LED one...
  3. Jino

    1983 Monte Carlo window sweeps

    I need inner and outer window sweeps on my 83, but I keep looking up parts online all I see is with or without reveal molding. My current vehicle has chrome trim along the window, can I just buy the without reveal molding and just slide the chrome pieces on or what how's that work

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