monte carlo ss

  1. jwood1213

    88 Trunk Interior

    Hi all, I’m in the middle of restoring an 88 SS, and I’m looking to replace the part of the trunk that the lid closes in front of. I’ve heard people call it the rear body panel or the taillight panel. I’ll attach a picture, but I also want to replace the metal lip that is under the trunk‘s...
  2. T

    ‘88 Monte SS Nose Gap

    Does anyone know of a way to tighten the gap between the hood and nose cover other than replacing a saggy nose?
  3. jwood1213

    Dip Stick tube issue

    I just had my oil changed yesterday, and while I was driving home, a loud (louder than the exhaust) ticking noise starting coming from somewhere in the engine bay. When I got home, I narrowed it down to the tube that holds the dip stick. Is this an easy fix to tighten it up, or should I go back...
  4. jwood1213

    LED Headlight question

    I saw these headlights (link and screenshot below) a lot on other g-bodies and even f-bodies, does anyone here who has them have any feedback on them? I was thinking of ordering a set but I wanted to do some research on the work needed to set these up.
  5. GP403

    Mexican Monte Carlo SS Redux

    Cruising the YouTubes this morning and this pops up. I'm like, "I wonder...." and while I don't speak any spanish past si and carne asada... holy sh*t, here's one in the flesh Chrome mirrors, Pontiac dash, dana rear end (but looks like they replace it with a standard 7.5" ??) , checkerboard...
  6. jwood1213

    Hood struts for a fiberglass cowl

    I recently got a 2” Harwood cowl fiberglass hood and wanted to switch to gas struts to avoid bending the hood from the stock springs. What length have people on here used or recommend?
  7. Mark B

    Cape Cod sunset

    1984 Monte Carlo SS at Indian Neck beach, Wellfleet, Cape Cod Massachusetts
  8. Mark B

    Temperature sensor wiring connector

    I'm looking for the l wiring pigtail connector for the Temperature Sensor on the Thermostat housing on a 1984 Monte Carlo SS 305 4Bbl
  9. jwood1213

    88 Monte badging question

    Does anyone know if the Monte Carlo keyhole crest from the 71/72 years will fit over the keyhole on an 88? I was thinking of ordering the badge but I wanted to make sure.
  10. jwood1213

    88 monte front blinker/running light issue

    I just replaced the bulbs for my blinkers because my right running light was out. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but with 2 new bulbs, I now have no blinkers or running lights. When I move the stock for the blinker, the right indicator just stays on. I just got a cluster from autometer so that’s...
  11. jwood1213

    1988 monte ss running lights

    Are the running lights for the Monte on a different line than for the blinkers? I realized only one of my orange running lights turns on, but both will work as blinkers and hazards. Is it an easy fix?
  12. Coolio

    MONTE CARLO Transmission Shift

    I have a rebuilt 700r4 transmission in my Monte Carlo ss. The problem I'm having is that it's shifting way too early. I want to know besides the TV cable what is a way to get it to shift properly? Any info/suggestions to try?
  13. jwood1213

    MONTE CARLO Installing b&m automatic shifter knob

    I just bought a b&m shifter knob, along with a boot and boot plate. I realized the handle doesn't have a button on it, and obviously the factory one does. Is there a type of bushing or something else I could use to allow the whole handle to move down and act as a button? I assume I'd just...
  14. Coolio


    I have a 400pontiac with Holley 600 carb, Holley red fuel pump and a fuel regulator. The problem I'm having is that when I'm taking off from a stop it hesitate an I'm trying to see why. Do I need to go a size up on the carb, is it getting too much/not enough gas or.... Any thoughts or tips?
  15. H

    Car lifted higher in front now that I put all new suspension in?

    So I replaced all my front suspension parts with stock control arms,end links ,tie rods,..etc...I also installed a 1998 GMC Jimmy red spindle and converted to dual piston brakes..but after all of this my car is sitting pretty high in the front now? I didn't change the springs, I added new...
  16. S

    86 Monte Carlo SS for Sale

    86 Monte Carlo SS with 5.0l v8. 108k miles. Original everything. Had full tune up two years ago. Runs good drives good. LOTS of new parts including: brakes, tires, muffler, all hoses under the hood, etc. I invested nearly 2k in new parts. Needs battery and carburator. Was used as a daily...
  17. 3D0ECD33-3997-479C-81D0-047D306774C6.jpeg


  18. Modern Muscle (p.1) - Monte Carlo SS, Buick Grand National, Olds 442

    Modern Muscle (p.1) - Monte Carlo SS, Buick Grand National, Olds 442

    Car and Driver, July 1985.
  19. Modern Muscle (p.2) - Monte Carlo SS, Buick Grand National, Olds 442

    Modern Muscle (p.2) - Monte Carlo SS, Buick Grand National, Olds 442

    Car and Driver, July 1985.
  20. Modern Muscle (p.3) - Monte Carlo SS, Buick Grand National, Olds 442

    Modern Muscle (p.3) - Monte Carlo SS, Buick Grand National, Olds 442

    Car and Driver, July 1985.

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