1. ThePatriot

    What is my 1980 Malibu Classic worth?

    I have one of those hard, no absolute right answer questions that have likely been asked many times before but the answers are market/time driven. What is my 1980 Malibu Classic worth? She’s been in the family since 1988 and one of my most treasured cars, but the time has come to thin the herd...
  2. T

    Truck Bellhousing and Muncie M20

    Ok guys, I’m new here hoping to get an answer that seems to be plaguing us for some time now in a few ways. I will list the current setup below. - V6 Malibu converted to a sbc 350 and Muncie M20 - truck bellhousing is attached to the engine (#460486) - 168 - tooth flywheel - 11” clutch Current...

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