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  1. KyleJ1995

    CUTLASS New to the Forum!

    Hello everyone, i’ve been a long time lurker of the Forum. You guys have helped me with more than you know! Thought it was about time i made an account and joined in on the fun. A little about myself: I’m a 25 year old male from southern ontario, i own a 1988 cutlass supreme classic with a 307...
  2. M

    New to the forum, just bought my first car an 83 El Camino (Also looking for some help with doorlocks)

    Hello everyone, Im Manuel an 18 year old from Madrid, Spain (from across the pond) and I just bought my first car an 83 El Camino. Some historyof the car : It was brought to Spain in the early 2000s where it went through some strange facelift (I kinda like it) and it then sat for about 5 years...
  3. Huen79H/O

    Long time g body owner first time post

    So here is the story I owned a 79 cutlass bucket seats and t tops since 1996 after high school drove several years did several stupid things in and stupid things to also owned several 78-80 cutlass since. Was going to buy another rolling chassis to put my 455 in when a older lady came in to...
  4. Johnny99

    new member

    Hi! Just introducing myself. 1984 cutlass Calais, (and 1985 Cutlass Supreme Brougham), both 3.8l v6 3800cc 231ci. Regards, Johnny99 or just JD

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