quadrajet 4-barrel

  1. SaikotheSergal

    New owner of a '78 EL Camino Conquista

    Hey Guys! First time actually owning a G-Body, Was given to me by my grandfather (unless you count my destroyed 79 Caprice Estate, *Insert G/A body joke here*) Let me list some specs: - 350 with a Quadrajet from some 80's Camaro (80k miles), My grandfather doesn't remember specific year, It has...
  2. E

    Rapid Clicking from Carb During Idle

    Hi everyone, First thread here happy to be apart of the community! First question, I had a bunch of ruined wires coming from my wiring harness that I re-spliced and reconnected (my gauge fuse kept blowing out due to a short). After I did that and fired up my engine, a bunch of blue smoke...

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