1. LukeZ

    Hate to be one of those guys - bad starter solenoid?

    Hi all, Its been a looong while since I’ve logged on here - I hate to be the guy that only participates when he needs help! Promise I’ll try to be a little more active haha To make a long story short, I’ve got an 86 El Camino with a stock 305. She’s been sitting all winter so I went to jump...
  2. Game Over

    Starter overheat

    Hi, guys. There is a problem with 350 diesel starting due to overheating of the starter motor. It’s new, but the problem was diagnosed also with previous starter. It cranks good while the engine is cold but when it’s hot I need to wait more than 30 minutes to run the engine. Anyone have the...
  3. 80elky

    Starter wires

    I was looking at the starter and noticed that there was three wires when I’m used to two. There’s the main battery cable then there’s a thin black one and a thin tan one. Which one is which?
  4. 78_Monte970

    Starter post nut (small)

    Was working on the car today and had to unbolt the starter. Stupid me forgot to clean up the worlds smallest nut. Was wondering if anyone knew the size of the small nut on the small post on the starter solenoid. 8mm but I wanna know the thread and stuff so I can get a new one. Just thought I’d...
  5. mike reese

    starter isse

    so i replace my proform high performance starter with some cheap starter from o riley. i installed it and still having the same problem. im still getting that click noise and the engine sometimes turn over but wont crank i and get this horrible noise. most of the time it wont even turn over...
  6. rmorman

    Recommendation for a mini starter

    Howdy all! I currently have a Summit Racing® Mini High-Torque Starters SUM-G1660A. It is a "clockable" starter with the solenoid pointed "Down." While it has been a good starter, it is becoming more and more susceptible to moisture. Every Spring when I get the car out, I power wash the...

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