steering shaft

  1. Javi

    Turn Signal Switch replacement part (85' Cutlass Supreme)

    Need help with correct Turn signal switch part number (not turn signal lever) I keep getting 2 different numbers also indicates with and without cornering lights are they referring to side marker lights? totally confused 🤔
  2. LukeZ

    Removing stock steering shaft

    Hey guys, Went to the junkyard the other day to look around. Ended up getting a new (new to me lol) steering shaft from an Astro van (hopefully it fits). Here’s some pics: The problem with the old one is that it doesn’t want to compress any more after a certain point. It’s almost like...
  3. gbodytoys

    How To Upgrade Your G-Body Steering on the Cheap

    Car Craft Write Up - 6-13-17 While searching for the ultimate handling machine, many tend to fixate on the suspension. However, the steering is perhaps your most direct connection to the car. To make a huge impact that you can...
  4. Boy1duh

    Steering shaft help

    Ok asking the my steering shaft supposed to look this way... I haven't driven the car to see how it responds I hope the pictures can help but it looks almost detached from the car but it feels solid when I try to move it if this needs to be fixed how do I do it thanks

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