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  2. LukeZ

    Removing stock steering shaft

    Hey guys, Went to the junkyard the other day to look around. Ended up getting a new (new to me lol) steering shaft from an Astro van (hopefully it fits). Here’s some pics: The problem with the old one is that it doesn’t want to compress any more after a certain point. It’s almost like...
  3. TheLemange

    The Lemange

    Yesterday was awesome! I Drug home my 1980 Pontiac lemans that I dubbed The Lemange. It was quite the experience. It was the first time I've hauled a car on a trailer, the first time using our car trailer, and I don't have a key for the car so we couldn't turn the wheels. It was an adventure...
  4. S

    Compatible donor vehicles for steering box upgrade (80/Malibu)

    I want to replace the factory steering box in my 1980 Malibu with a faster ratio box. When I go to the junkyard, which models should I look for and how can I identify the ratio externally? I remember correctly from my circle track days, some third gen F-Bodies came with 12:1 boxes that could...
  5. T

    84 monte steering issues. please help

    hello, so i have a 1984 Monte Carlo that i picked up about a year ago. came factory with the 305ci motor, a/c, heater... you know all the fun stuff. since then i have stuffed a built 350ci and th350 trans in it. removed the a/c, heater, all the non essentials.( this car is a strictly summer...
  6. gbodytoys

    How To Upgrade Your G-Body Steering on the Cheap

    Car Craft Write Up - 6-13-17 While searching for the ultimate handling machine, many tend to fixate on the suspension. However, the steering is perhaps your most direct connection to the car. To make a huge impact that you can...

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