1. Turbo LS Cutlass 10.60’s @128 9psi HMP

    Turbo LS Cutlass 10.60’s @128 9psi HMP

    Headed to Heartland Motorsports Park to make a couple passes before the track closed for the year. I drive the car to and from the track in the same tune and...
  2. L96 6.0 LS Turbo Cutlass Steve Morris Stage 2 Cam Idle Video

    L96 6.0 LS Turbo Cutlass Steve Morris Stage 2 Cam Idle Video

    This is my most recent setup. Swapped the L33 5.3 which was in the previous videos for an Aluminum block L77 6.0 but about a month ago the valve seat decided...
  3. M

    L29 454 swap

    hey all, my name is Blake, and I have a 1984 Monte Carlo ss with a targetmaster 2pc rms 350 that was installed in 1986 under warranty, and the original th350c. At some point in time somebody installed a 3.73 motive gear into the open carrier (and didn’t change the speedo gear), but with the...
  4. Mike Geepers

    GN Rear end

    Hello forum, I have a chance to buy a GN rear end in my area. My car is a 78 MC with a rebuilt 305 and edelbrock top. Th200 trans, nothing special but it shifts good (eventually want a 700r4 conversion) The rear end is listed as a GN posi rear end with 3.42 gears and aluminum drums. It looks...
  5. S

    Best junkyard upgrade for rear brakes

    Hey guys, long time G body owner here, but new poster. I'm finally getting around to upgrading the brakes on my 81 El Camino. I'm going with the Blazer spindle and hub swap for the front. But, I'm also interested in converting the rears to discs. The aftermarket kits are out of my budget, plus I...
  6. CaminoJoe

    EL CAMINO Motor/Frame Mounts for big block swap in '85 elco

    Hey all, I've got a 396 big block with 325 hp waiting to be dropped into my elco (stock engine was a 305 small block). And before I make the mistake of trying to drop it in, I want to ask: Will the mounts on the engine match with the motor mounts on the frame? Just want to know in case I need...
  7. David Durbin

    87 monte with donor c4 Corvette

    Hey I'm new to this group .but I've had my monte for over 20 years.i also have a donor c4 corvette that I'm taking the lt1 motor out of it's built to about 500 hp. I was wondering what other parts I can use from the vette? The trans is toast on the vette. Thank you in advance for any info
  8. Roberto

    Monte Carlo parts wanted!! ASAP

    I swapped a sbc 350 into my 86 Cutlass and I need some parts in order to finish it. Clutch fan and fan Crank pulley and water pump pulley Dual pulley power steering pump with all 3 brackets attached Upper radiator hose
  9. S

    Need a rear end for my 1980 Malibu, are all G-Body rears swappable.

    The 7.5 rear end in my '80 Malibu Coupe needs a rebuild. I'd like to just swap in a complete functioning rear-end from a donor car to keep my car running and driving while I go through the process of rebuilding the original rear-end. Are all G-Body rear ends swappable, or do I need to look for a...
  10. Built6spdMCSS

    Gbody LS Swap Info

    For those that hang out here and can use this, this is from my Facebook LSx GBODY page. ********THE PINNED POST.******** Putting the LS Engine in a Gbody can be done many different ways, there is no one set procedure or exact part numbers that I'm going to have here unless it's for a specific...
  11. S

    Does a 1987 monte carlo chassis match a 1985 el camino

    Hey guys, I have a 1985 el Camino Lowrider. The chassis is twisted and need to replace it with a reinforced. I found a gentlemen selling one off of a 1987 Monte. I am aware that they are both gbody but I heard that it may not match. Would anyone have any information on the difference or if it...
  12. RegMan79

    Issues after swap. Intake/carb

    Hello everyone. So I swapped my intake and carb last week (first time). I finally got it running, but not well. It's hard to keep running and it back fires at half throttle also I'm seeing some smoke out the valve covers. It ran good before the swap and only smoked for a second on start ups...
  13. B

    Switching to Single Plane Intake

    I have a 350 in my 85 SS Monte, I have a dual plane on it with a one inch spacer on top. Was just wondering if an actual open plenum would give me any gains. Also, would i need to swap anything else to make it run right? I've heard about more stall, but I'm not to sure. Reason I'm asking is that...
  14. TX762

    Upgrading carb E2ME to E4ME ... What else do I need?

    Good day folks, I'm planning to upgrade my El Camino's computer controlled 2 barrel to a computer controlled Quadrajet. Here's what I know I need to replace to get it done: 1) Quadrajet - National Carburetors reman E4ME 2) 4-bbl intake manifold - Speedmaster Holeshot (EGR) 3) Fuel hard line to...
  15. wnagel

    Cutlass Calais 1981 th700r4 swap

    Hi, My name is Waldo , I write from Santiago of Chile, I would like to buy an Oldsmobile Cutlass calais 1981, Its come with a th200 or th350 , (not sure), transmission, but I would like to put a THM700r4 , I think I need cut the driveshaft and maybe replace or change crossmember. Someome here...

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