1. jwood1213

    BUILD THREAD 1988 Monte Carlo SS Frankenstein project

    Here's roughly 3 years of work on a t-top MCSS. We're doing a full restomod, floor, quarters, t-top portion of the roof. The whiter doors came off a different car that had been sitting in a warehouse since the 90's and the trunk panel on the 14th picture was an unused extra that we were told was...
  2. J

    CUTLASS 1986 Cutlass 442 engine support needed!

    Hi all, I am new to this and hope i can get some help with my cutlass build here in Seattle. I have a 1986 white t-top Cutlass 442. Currently I dropped a GM 350 Goodwrench (1006636) it also has some heads with casting number 4036, so not sure what I have. I am new to carburetor motors so I keep...
  3. tremayne0126

    NEW USER 1987 Monte Carlo SS T-Top NEED HELP

    Finally bought the car of my dreams even though i owned a 2012 Camaro, The nostalgia alone tops that car. car seems 100% perfect except The T-top Roof Header Panel is completely rusted out I brought this part brand new but all body shops are saying the rust is under that also and...

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