t56 6spd

  1. Built6spdMCSS


    Today I installed C5 Z06 front brakes on my SS. I had been piecing this together over the last couple weeks. Parts breakdown: ZQ8 Spindle Adapter Brackets: $125 (eBay, link constantly changes, have to search ZQ8 C5 Brake Adapters) C5 Z06 Calipers, Brackets, Lines: $180 (VetteVillians) Z06...
  2. Built6spdMCSS

    Couple pics

    I have a buddy who is a professional photographer, a few of us went out this weekend and took some pics, did some cruising. Here are a couple pics of my SS..haters gonna hate
  3. Built6spdMCSS

    Spent some time detailing...

    Earlier today I detailed the engine bay in my SS. I pulled the Brake Booster, took apart the Heater Box, then painted the Brake Booster, Heater Box, and the Fire Wall, all with the Engine in the car. The next time I pull the Engine, which hopefully wont be for a while, I'll do the whole Fire...

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